Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I want this more than the next American Idol

I arrived at home last night around quarter after seven. Joe helped Ethan with his homework so I could prepare for my phone interview. Preparing involved drinking a glass of Moscato, reading over the 2 pages of key points I had typed, adding more key points, thinking of questions to ask him, drinking more wine, and gathering all the house phones so they didn't die on me in the middle of the interview.

Eight o'clock rolled around and I was holding the phone in my hand, pacing around our bedroom. I went outside with the phone and decided to smoke a cigarette to calm my nerves. While outside I checked the volume of the ringer about 3 times. Smoked a whole cigarette in about 4 puffs. Went back inside, laid down on the bed and turned on the television. Then RING RING! I yelled out to Joe who was sitting in the living room, "THAT'S HIM!!!!!!!!" Then I calmly answered the phone.

The interview lasted an entire hour and I believe it went well. Actually, I think I killed it. In a total good way, of course. I was able to answer every single question he had with confidence with the exception of 2. Those 2 questions were regarding some stats at my current office which I don't deal with, my boss does. But thanks to a friend of mine (and you know who you are) I spoke with last night, he reminded me that if I don't know the answer to a question, don't make one up. Simply say, "I'm not sure but I'll be happy to get that information for you." So that's what I said and it seemed to work.

I'll be sending him a Thank You card tomorrow because less than 10% of interviewees send them and it'll make me stand out. Yeah, I want this job THAT bad. Can you say ass kisser? Well I'm puckered up baby!! MWAH!

My boss has already advertised to find my replacement. In the ad he mentioned the name of our company and requested that resumes be emailed to a specific address. It clearly states not to call our office. Of course people don't fucking read....

Me: "Good morning. This is April, how can I help you?"
Dumbass: "Hello. My name is Ricard Lopez and I'm calling about your ad listed on the internet. Can I get your fax number so I can fax my resume?"
Me: "Ricard, the ad specifically states NOT to call our office. That’s why we don’t have our phone number listed. Because you can’t follow directions, we certainly don’t want to hire you.”
Dumbass: "So I should email my resume to this yahoo address?"
Me: "NO! We are not going to hire you and your resume will just get deleted if you send it. Next time you want to be considered for a job, maybe you should follow the directions in the ad."

He's actually the 2nd person who has called our office. That's amazing to me. Why would you call when it specifically says not to? Fucking dumbasses!

Anyway, I know I've asked for y'all to wish me luck and all that jazz and so far it's helped. So keep on sending it and hopefully I'll get this job!!

Deep Throat of the Day: Don't get drunk before an interview.


Jim McKee said...

It's funny you mention the Thank You Card. My lady lives in the UK... she had a job interview a couple of weeks ago... I suggested the Thank You card... she said over there, it would make you seem desperate.

Good Lord, it's almost like a completely different country over there.


NWJR said...

Interesting discussion about e-mailing resum├ęs; unless you get a courtesy response, you never know if it made it to the proper person. Most prospective employers don't bother to give any kind of acknowledgment, which I consider to be the height of rudeness.

Anyway, here's some more good luck for ya!

Grant said...

By failing to follow instructions, they applicants assure they get noticed. Unfortunately, it's in a bad way. You can also get noticed by fire bombing the office.

April said...

Jim: It was recommended to me that I send the thank you card and at first I thought it sounded desperate but then I asked my boss if he would think it was desperate and he said no. And after researching on the internet, it seems to be a good thing to do.

NWJR: When looking for a job, I get irritated if I don't get a response back at least letting me know that they've gotten my resume. But really that's the norm. Most places get inundated with resumes and it's time consuming to go through all of them let alone respond back to each one letting the person know that it's been received. In 2 days my boss has received almost 300 resumes. That's a lot of time to spend on simply letting the person know that we've gotten their resume, especially if we're immediate going to disqualify them. Also, since I've been looking for jobs, I've been doing a lot of research into what employers are looking for, how to find the perfect job match, interviewing skills, etc. One of the things I learned was was to really read the ad and the description. Pay attention to what the employer has written. Make sure the qualifications fit you and respond to the ad accordingly. If they want you to email the resume, email the resume. If they want you to fax it, then fax it. If they don't want you to call, don't dall. So when a person doesn't do what the ad says, you immediately disqualify yourself. I was doing this guy a favor by letting him know that he needs to follow directions. But yeah, it is kinda frustrating when you send a resume and don't get acknowledgment that they've gotten it.

Grant: Let's hope that Ricard doesn't fire bomb my office while I'm here!