Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Inhale, exhale......

Last night was the face to face interview. We met at a restaurant similar to Boston Market that was in the same shopping center as his office. Traffic was nearly nonexistent so I arrived almost 40 minutes early. I sat in my car, made sure my face looked OK, read over some of the key points I highlighted in the 3 managing books I skimmed over this weekend, and tried to not be so nervous. He arrived a few minutes early. I sat in my car like a stalker and watched him walk into the restaurant. Since the front of the restaurant is glass, I continued to watch him set his things down and get settled. I thought to myself, "You can do this. No rambling. Make eye contact. Just be yourself and wow him with what you know." I got out of the car......it's show time!

I walked in, smiled, shook his hand and introduced myself. He then gave me a company application to fill out. It asked questions like 'Do you feel like you're average?' and 'List 6 of your best assets' and 'Why do you think you're the best person for the position.' He asked me a lot of the same questions he asked when we spoke on the phone. I don't know if it's because he didn't remember that he'd asked them or if he was trying to catch me in a lie. Either way, I was on point! We spoke for an hour and 20 minutes before they kicked us out because they were closing.

He told me that what it's basically come down to for him is choosing a person who already knows his software and can come in and start hammering it out, has experience in Chiropractic, is a hard worker and a great person with a good soul but has no experience managing people; or choosing a person who doesn't have experience with my software and Chiropractic but has managing experience. Um DUH!! This sounds like a no-brainer, right? You go with the first person! Just so happens that the first person is ME! Not to mention that although I've not managed a staff, I have managed an office. That should count for something, right?

Anyway we left it with him saying that he's got some things to think over and he'll be getting back in contact with me. When? I don't know. I didn't ask. All in all, I think it went very well. I just can't wait until this whole process is over because I'd like to get one good night of sleep. Ever since the phone interview I've been torturing myself thinking of all the things I've should've said, could've said, or shouldn't have said. That's just how my brain works.

In other news, a new doctor started at my current job about a month ago. He's only been practicing for 2 years and is one of those 'I know it all' kinda guys. It drives me crazy. HE drives me crazy. Especially when he wants to argue with me about things I KNOW because it's MY JOB and what I've been doing for NINE FUCKING YEARS! I don't argue with him about how he adjusts his patients. Why? Because that's not what I was trained to do. Therefor, he shouldn't argue with me about what's right and wrong when it comes to coding and billing. It's what I know and what I do. The other 2 women I work with are starting to see it too. At first they didn't see what I saw about him, but now they're picking up on it. He is a pompous, arrogant man and I am glad that I'll be leaving here soon so I won't have to deal with him.

Ethan's been doing so much better in school. This new teacher has made such a difference. Ethan's constantly telling me how much nicer the kids are and how much better it is for him.

Hope everything's going well for everyone!

Deep Throat of the Day: The job is mine, the job is mine, the job is mine, the job is mine. (positive reinforcement)


NWJR said...

Sounds like things are going your way! Congratulations!

(Same for Ethan)

Grant said...

If you don't hear from him soon (within a day or two), you may want to call and follow-up. I was always hesitant at looking too pushy, but I lost one job because the hiring manager decided that the applicant who called back first (after being told they would call) was more interested and therefore deserved the job. From what I've learned, the best way to handle it is to ask when you can expect to hear from them, then if they don't call within that time you call them. If they still haven't reached a decision, ask again when you can expect to hear from them. Supposedly that's the best balance - showing continued interest without pestering them too much.

Anonymous said...

Good luck good luck!!!

I musta missed the post about Ethan getting moved, thats awesome.

It appears to me often that the 2 letters in front of the name make some folks act uppity!

Anonymous said...

A job interview in a restaurant??? Sounds little odd, but good luck!

Britni said...

Good luck, darling! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Carmel Beauty said...

I agree with Grant. I am sure you will get the job. I am glad things are working out for your son it's hard not to be able to fit in in school. Good luck!!