Thursday, February 05, 2009


Yes, I have fallen victim to the social networking sites Myspace and Facebook. I've created accounts with the intention of keeping in contact with old friends in Florida, see pictures of their children and the like. Myspace turned out to be more of a dating site in the sense that I was (not anymore) getting messages and friend requests from guys who wanted to hook up with me. Facebook has been great because I've gotten to reconnect with so many people I went to high school and college with.

There was a group of very good-looking, popular guys who I knew in high school. Recently they've found me on Facebook and after looking at all of their profiles, they're all Jesus freaks. Their status updates include things about how great it feels to pray and how they're getting ready to drive to work and God will be with them in the passenger seat. Scattered all over their profiles are scriptures from the bible and stuff about how great God is. I mean, it's great and all that they've found God, but really? They're the least group of guys who I'd expect to be all up God's ass.

Anyway, the one site that I just can't get into is Twitter. Now, I'm not knocking anyone for doing it, just for me, it seems a little silly. There isn't one person I know who I would like to know what they're doing throughout the day. And really, my day to day life is pretty boring. No one would care about what I was doing. I just don't get it. Can someone who does this please give me a good explanation as to why this thing is so popular? Tell me why you want to know what your "followers" are doing throughout the day. Why do you feel the need to let everyone know what you're doing all day? It's not like a blog where you can post stories and pictures and stuff. From what I understand you basically just write an update or 50 throughout the day about what you're doing or feeling? I mean, would you want to know that I have a meeting in 5 minutes? How about when I needed to take a dump? Do people post that kinda stuff? Because really, that's what my "tweets" would consist of.......

8:03: Just got to work.
8:05: Going to pee because I drank too much tea.
8:15: First annoying patient coming in.
8:35: My co-worker is tapping her feet again and annoying the shit outta me.
9:01: I feel my morning shit brewing in my gut.

See? Nothing exciting. Sure, some people are probably pretty entertaining to read, but still I just don't see the point in it. I don't understand why anyone would want to know what someone is doing all day. Again, I'm not being mean to those who Twitter, I just don't know why anyone would do this and I need some answers.

Deep Throat of the Day: And don't you think they could've come up with a better name than Twitter?


Andrea said...

I've failed to figure out the appeal of Twitter myself. And a lot of my facebook people use Twitter and everytime they change their Twitter thinger it changes their Facebook status. I usually just do some song lyrics and call it a day.

What I also do not get is the people who get the text alerts that someone has Twittered. Or someone has changed their status on Facebook. Really? Is this really that important?

I dunno. It's all bizzare.

Also? I've been located by a bunch of my high school people and they, too, are lovers of Jesus. And Sarah Palin. One person quickly unfriended me! HA!

Anonymous said...

they coulda named i twatter!!!
I tickle myself sometimes.

I dunno what any of those other sites are, i dont have the time for more.

thanks for playing with me yesterday.

The Lily said...

Re: popular folks turning to the lord - yeah. I have noticed that as well with basically all the HS folks who stayed in my hometown. I'm not knocking it if it works for them, but we all know what and who they did in HS. I can only think that they either feel really bad about it (dare to dream) or that they don't remember anything at all (more likely) and are using it as a crutch/tool to stay popular in the small pond.

You might be a cynic if...

Grant said...

Twitter sounds appropriate, and Mindless Drivel & Blather is too long.

NWJR said...

My brother is now an Assembly of God minister, so what can I say? I'm the black sheep of the family.

Jim McKee said...

Re: Twitter... Some people THINK that they're a lot more important than they actually are.

Amanda said...

Facebook is addictive, but it is great for reconnecting with people. The only good thing on Twitter is secrettweet...people posting secrets for strangers to read. Stupid people.

NWJR said...

I love secrettweet. I've actually had a couple posted, but it wasn't fair because I made them up. :-)

NWJR said...

April: I answered the twitter question on my blog after your comment, but I forgot this: Watching people's reactions on twitter to the grammy broadcast was priceless. Why wait for blogs the next day when you can see them as they happen?

I have no life. Maybe that's the problem!