Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two in one day...watch out now!

So I got a call from the head hunter and he told me that the new Chiropractor wants to set up a phone interview with me TONIGHT!! Oh my god I'm so stoked, yet nervous, yet confident, yet worried, yet well you get the picture.

I just got done having a casual conversation with my boss and I told him that I've a phone interview with the other doc. Then I asked if he's talked to him and he said, "No, not yet." I also asked him if he knows that I'm not leaving for personal reasons, that the commute has taken a toll and that I'm ready to move forward in my career. He said, "Well I would hope that it's not personal. If it's really about the commute and being home with your son, then I get it. I bet it's hard getting home that late at night and having a family. I do it every night but my wife is home with our kids." After that, I just reiterated the fact that it's definitely not personal and that I really do love working here. And I went on to say how excited I was about having this job opportunity with the new doc and how much of a perfect opportunity it is for me.

I figure if he knows how bad I want this new job, then he'll make sure to let the new doc know how excited I am about the job and how much of an asset I'd be to his company.

In other news, I think I told you guys before that Ethan's normal teacher was taking a leave of absence. The teacher they've replaced her with is absolutely wonderful. Apparently the whole class is doing so much better, according to the principal who called me today. She told me that she's seen a huge change in the behavior of the students. And she's right because Ethan's been saying how the kids are so much nicer to him now that his teacher is gone. He's been happier at home and he even got a note sent home from the new teacher saying how great Ethan's doing in class. I guess I was wrong about the kids being the problem. Turns out the teacher was the one bringing down the class. I could be wrong about that too. All I know is that things are going much better and I hope it stays this way!

Deep Throat of the Day: Feel free to share any phone interview tips with me if you have any.


Grant said...

How long will the bad teacher be away?

Phone interview tip: tell them you're naked. Also, avoid the phrase "knee-deep in the blood of pigs and traitors" if possible. It's becoming a trifle hackneyed.

Britni said...

Yay! Good news all around! Fingers crossed for your interview!

Also, I'm so happy things are getting better for Ethan.

Jim McKee said...

Here's a tip: don't ask him what he's wearing.


Good luck!!

Kira said...

Yay for Ethan! I'm so glad that the new teacher seems to know what the hell she's doing. A teacher can make all the difference.

Good luck with the potential job!

NWJR said...

Great news about Ethan. Here's hoping they can find a way to keep the teacher out of his class when (if) she comes back.

Phone interview tip: Don't use the "Forever Yours" when you're on the line. I'm sure that would be a huge distraction.

Amanda said...

Good luck!!