Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad Blogger

I've not only been neglecting my blog, but I've been neglecting your blogs too. I started my new job last Monday and it was a little overwhelming at first. Even though it's the same exact job using the same exact software as my previous employer, they still do things differently. There's still things that I need to learn. Apparently, the doctor thought that I could just come in there and perform a miracle.

The woman I replaced hadn't been there for a week, which caused things to pile up. So I walked in with plenty of work to do already. But then, the doctor kept coming in to my office and giving me things, and more things, and more things. ALL DAY LONG! Finally I had to tell him that he was overwhelming me. So Tuesday he only gave me half the amount of things.

Also, I am very proficient on our software. If there's a hard way to set things up in this software, the woman I replaced had it done that way. She never took the direct A to B route. This bitch skipped B, went all the way to Z, then down the alphabet until she got to B. Absolutely horrible. I find myself, several times a day, looking at the computer and saying, "Why the fuck did she do that?" Honestly, about half of what I've done so far was fixing shit that she did incorrectly.

I've also set up several things in the software to make processes easier for everyone else in the office. When I showed them the easier and correct way, they were hugging me. Every day they're thanking me for making their jobs more efficient. And don't worry, I'm totally keeping a list of what I've made better so I can add more $$$ to my paycheck!

Anyway, last night I stopped by Mickey D's to get my crack. There was a young man (19 or 20) buying cookies in front of me. He swiped his card and it was declined. Meanwhile, he'd already started eating his cookies. He tried the card a few more times with no luck. The worker asked if he had any money to which he said, "No." I jumped in and offered to pay for it because I'm a good samaritan and shit. The guy stood there while I paid for his cookies and my tea, never saying a word to me. I got my tea cup, walked over to the urns to fill my cup with crack and the guy was still standing at the counter. Then he just walked out of the building. Never saying thank you or anything at all to me. I know the cookies were only $1.05, but that's $1.05 out of MY POCKET that I PAID for HIS FUCKING COOKIES! Is it that hard to say THANK YOU!

And THEN I passed him walking when I was driving home and I waved at him. He just looked at me like I was a fucking idiot. MOTHER FUCKER! I BOUGHT YOUR FUCKING COOKIES! WAVE AT A BITCH!! AND SAY THANK YOU! ASSHOLE!

The End.

Deep Throat of the Day: Ungrateful cookie eatin' son of a bitch!


Ron said...

Glad to hear your new job is workin out.

I would appreciate your $1.05. :)

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

I've noticed your lack of comments over at my place, but figured you were busy with your new job. And I was right! Glad it's working well for you.

And I would be PISSED if I paid for something for someone and they didn't say thank you. I have had to borrow a nickel from the person behind me in line and thanked them profusely for like 5 minutes. It's just what you do.

Andrea said...

Fuckin' rude assed Virginian's man. I hate all the rude!!

R said...

He was probably the illegitimate son of the Hamburglar and the Cookie Monster.

That bastard!

Randi said...

I have been in line at the market on a number of occasions and considered paying for someone's measly purchase when it seems they can't get their transaction to go through.
No way, Jose.

J R Estelle said...

he knew he didn't have money to begin with and this is EXACTLY why I will not help those that are able to help themselves. Now...elderly and children...different story.

Amanda said...

I'd say thank you if you bought me a cup of Mickey D's crack!!

~sublimealice~ said...

haha wave at a bitch. that was hilarious.

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