Sunday, March 08, 2009

I made my decision

After seriously contemplating my options it came down to 2 choices. The first was go for a job that could offer upward mobility, offered a tad bit more money, but was still more of a commute than I would like. This job doesn't require contact with people other than on the phone. I'm really not the type of person who enjoys sitting in an office, in front of a computer, just working reports all day long. BUT, within 3-6 months, there's a really good chance that I could move up to management.

The second was in a Chiropractic office pretty much doing exactly what I do now. I was offered only $1 more per hour than I currently make but the office is exactly 3.5 miles from my house. The office manager has been there for 16 years and isn't going anywhere any time soon, so moving up isn't in the near future.

Joe and I talked about the options and I decided to go with the second choice. When I added up all of the money I would be saving in gas and tolls, it ended up saving me a lot of money each week. Even though I want to move up in my career, Ethan is my first priority. Being closer to home will allow me to spend more time with him, and that's way more important than furthering my career. I figure he'll be 18 in 8 years and I'll be 38. That's when I can truly focus on my career. I don't want to miss even a small part of these important years of his life.

I met with the doctor I'll be working for and the office manager yesterday morning. They showed me around the office and it's decorated beautifully. They waited until after I said I was taking the job to show me my office and OH MY FUCKING GOD! You should've seen this place. The woman who currently works there is a fucking SLOB! It's an "L" shaped desk that was covered from end to end with 3-4 inches of papers. So much so that there isn't a single area where you can actually see the top of the desk. And I don't mean neat stacks of paper, it was like someone literally sneezed paper over the entire desk. She left a dirty cup and food wrappers on the desk too. Fucking disgusting. It was so bad that a few hours later I took Joe there so he could peep through the window and see what a disaster it is.

During my meeting with him yesterday, I did what someone suggested in the comments of my last post. I explained to the doctor that I have an offer for more money and I asked what's my incentive to come work there for less. He said that after 90 days, if I do all that he thinks I can do, he'll give me an increase. I can handle that!

So, my last day at my current job is the 20th and I start my new job on the 23rd! I'm really excited that I'm going to be so close to home. During the summer last year I had every Friday off and would go have lunch with Ethan at school. He loved that so much and has asked me several times if I can take off work to have lunch with him. Now, I'll be so close that I could just have lunch with him on my lunch break! And I won't have to deal with assholes in traffic, the douche bags at the tolls or the new arrogant doctor at my current job. I really did love my job until he started. He frustrates me on the daily. BUT NO MORE!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!

Deep Throat of the Day: How did that slob make it at my new job for almost 10 years with a desk looking like that?


Anonymous said...

thats awesome girl!!


NWJR said...

**applause, applause**

So, so happy for all of you. Congratulations!

Kira said...

This sounds GREAT! And there you are, with a better situation than the one you lost. See? FINALLY your crapola luck ran out :) More time with your son AND more money is always awesome.

Amanda said...

Congratulations! Sounds like a great move for you!

Randi said...

Congratulations! I love good news.