Sunday, March 01, 2009

Spank the Monkey

Britni once did a review in which she had assistance from a man, in the sense of it being a man's toy. I thought that would be a fun idea and Joe was willing to participate. So when Babeland put the Monkey Spanker up for review, I jumped on the chance.

What a disappointment. Before I even took it out of the package, I was unimpressed. The package looked like something you'd find in a cereal box. (though that would be a bad item to put in a cereal box) I thought well, let me open it up and see what this thing's about. Even more unimpressed.

As you can see from the picture, there are 2 ends. One end is obviously where the penis goes and the other is a handle. Both ends can double to be a paddle, which is really the ONLY fun either of us got from this thing. In the middle of the 2 ends, there's an area for the bullet pictured. Insert the bullet and it makes the Monkey Spanker vibrate. (batteries included) Our bullet was very cheaply made, as was the whole thing, in my opinion. The vibration intensity was pretty decent, but nothing spectacular.

Now for what the thing's really made for......masturbation. Don't try it! By glancing at it and stretching it with your fingers, it looks like it would accommodate. But according to Joe, it was very painful and unpleasant, even with lube.

The good thing is that it's easy to clean, just make sure you remove the bullet first. Even tough this item was a disappointment, Babeland does offer many other items that are great!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like it would be fun.

R said...

Great name, though...