Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sucky place

I took Ethan to the doctor yesterday. The same doctor who wanted me to wait for Ethan's ears to explode before bringing him back to get medicine. Why I went back there? I don't know. Actually, I went back because he's already an established patient there and they could get me in within a few hours. Whereas other places wouldn't be able to get him in as a new patient until later this week or next week. I will NEVER go back there again! Why you ask? I'll tell you...

It first started with the phone call. I was put on hold for 10 minutes. As someone who works in the clerical aspect of the medical field, that is a big no-no and is completely unacceptable. Then after we got there and were called back to take his vitals, the nurse barely stuck the ear thermometer in his ear and told me that his temperature was 96.3. She said, "Oh, his fever went down!" I said, "Um, that's not accurate at all." She then took it again in the other ear and came up with 98.4. I had just taken his temperature (orally) 10 minutes prior to that and it was almost 100. Not to mention that he was still very warm to the touch. We got put in the room and the same doctor came in. She asked me if I had waited to give him the antibiotics from our previous visit. (linked above) I explained that I did and that because I waited his eardrums DID IN FACT perforate, LIKE I SAID THEY WOULD! I then told her that Ethan's currently having a fever with a runny nose, cough, ear and throat pain. She did a strep test which came back negative and then a flu test which came back positive. After that she explained that this strain of flu is resistant to the antiviral medicine............and that was it.

Never mind that he has a runny nose, ear pain and productive cough, both of which ALWAYS cause my son to have ear infections. But April, his ears were clear. I know, they always are until BAM the fluid just builds up and his poor little ears cause him excruciating pain and then burst. I swear this lady doesn't want to make kids better. She doesn't care that I WAS RIGHT the last time and I do know my son! Oh that's right, she's the DOCTOR with the degree and I'm just another ignorant parent who doesn't know what's best for her child. Never mind that we've been down this road many, many times before and I know what works best because of his medical history. I must be an asshole just trying to unnecessarily load her kid up on antibiotics because he has a fever and a sniffle.


I am writing a letter to their office explaining what a horrible place it is and how bad I feel for the children who come there and for the parents who trust this bitch with the health of their children.

Anyway, wanna hear how amazingly wonderful my boyfriend is? Sure ya do! Yesterday on his way home he called and told me to make sure that Ethan and I stayed downstairs until he came home and said it was ok. About 15 minutes after he got home, he came downstairs and told us to go upstairs. I knew something was up, but I didn't know what and I didn't let Ethan know that something was going on either. On our way upstairs, Joe told Ethan to go set up his laptop in his room rather than in the livingroom so he could lay down while playing his game since he was sick. I walked behind Ethan as he opened his bedroom door and there was a brand new bed set with matching lamp and a hat rack. Joe initially went shopping for some khaki pants and ended up buying that for Ethan. He said that he wanted to help make Ethan's room look more like a kid's room. Ethan was so happy! I was just amazed because he REALLY IS a great guy. It's not something that's going to go away, which I already knew.

Deep Throat of the Day: Maybe I was a victim of racism? The doctor was Asian and her employees were either Asian or Hispanic.......maybe they're trying to kill my son. It's a conspiracy! hee hee. j/k. or am I?


Grant said...

Was your doctor hot?

Kira said...

Joe rocks! Although at first, I thought you were going to say that he managed to score some antibiotics on the black market for Ethan or something ;)

Britni said...

I can haz boifrend?

Britni said...

I can haz boifrend?

NWJR said...

If Joe gets any more wonderful, I might switch teams and steal him from you.

Nah, I'm just kidding*.


Be careful.


* Really, I am. I like my team's uniforms.