Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bionic Mom

I just got back from having lunch with Ethan. I work about 5 miles from his school, so having lunch with him is feasible. The only issue is that they eat lunch at 10:50, which is too early in my opinion. Anyway, while we were eating, I noticed the kids in Ethan's old class (see: little assholes) staring at me and talking in Spanish. When I got up leave and throw away our trash, they were all staring at my leg. They said something to Ethan and then he called me over, "Mom, they don't believe me that you have a fake leg!" So I propped my foot up on an empty seat at the lunch table and I lifted up my pant leg. They all stood up to see the spectacle known as Ethan's Mom. Ethan was there with a smile on his face while saying, "SEE! I TOLD YOU!"

Then I walked away with my perfect gait, also with a smile on my face.

Speaking of my face, back in December 2005 I had woken up with Bell's Palsy. It was horrible. Well today my eye started twitching again and I'm having a pain in the area of the back of my head that hurt when I had it before. I'm so worried that I'm getting it again. I don't want it again. Please say a prayer, rub the Buddha's belly, or do whatever it is you would do to send spiritual help to someone. I really need it. It could be nothing more than me being a worry wart, but still, I'm dreading it if I'm right.

Deep Throat of the Day: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let me get Bell's Palsy again!


Anonymous said...

Damn I hope you don't get it again!!!

I rubbed my belly for you I look a lot like budda!

Grant said...

Can't they give you a titanium head?

Okay, hope this helps. "Almighty Satan, hear my plea. Try to keep this woman from getting Bell's Palsy again. As a sacrifice, she will send me a hot Asian bunny nurse to take care of me. If this deal is acceptable to you, please give us absolutely no sign.

"Thy will be done."

Randi said...

You and your son make me want to have a kiddo of my own.

R said...

I hope you don't have Bell's Palsy AND a Worry Wart at the same time.


Many good thoughts and such coming your way.

Sassy said...

Prayers coming your way.