Monday, April 13, 2009

Is this a test?

A few years ago, I briefly dated a guy, Steven. He and I share the same birthday, February 13th, only he's a year younger. Anyway, things were going GREAT, as they always do in the first month of a relationship. During that time we were going to celebrate our birthdays and Valentine's Day but there was a big ice storm, so we postponed it for the following weekend. That Friday of the "big weekend" I was at the store shopping for something sexy to wear, when I got a text message that said he was really sorry but he was confused, he needed some time and he's really sorry to hurt me.


So, almost a year after that, he called and apologized. I forgave him and we've remained friends. This past Saturday he called me but I was unable to talk and told him I'd call him back. He said, "Make sure you do because I really want to talk to you." Well, I forgot. Then yesterday he sent me a text that said, "You didn't call back. Happy Easter." So I called him back and here's how the conversation went:

Him: "How are you"
Me: "Great! How have you been?"

blah blah blah blah skip to the good part

Him: "I miss you."
Me: "Oh yeah."
Him: "Yeah, I really really miss you."
Me: "Well what do you miss?"
Him: "Everything about you. We are perfect for each other and I was stupid for letting you go and I've been kicking myself in the ass ever since. Life's about decisions, and I made a bad decision with you but I realized how perfect we fit and now it's about your decision."
Me: "My decision?"
Him: "Your decision on what you want to do about us."
Me: "Us? Us ended long ago. We had what we had and that's over. I'm with Joe and I'm really happy."
Him: "Can I say something without sounding like a complete asshole?"
Me: "Sure."
Him: "You're probably not truly happy. I bet you're just comfortable."
Me: "Let me tell you something, Steven. I am happier with Joe than I've ever been in my entire life with a man. He treats me and Ethan better than we've ever been treated. Every single day I look at him and think about how lucky I am to have him. I can't wait to come home and see him. I love going to bed next to him and waking up in his arms. It's been over a year and I still feel all giddy in love like a school girl. He trusts me 100% and I trust him. There's no jealousy or insecurities. We are EXTREMELY comfortable with each other but not in a boring routine kinda way. We are comfortable enough to tell each other anything and everything, to be stupid silly around each other. Hell we even talk to each other while we're on the toilet. So yeah, I am comfortable with him, but I'm also head over heels crazy about him and the happiest woman in the world."
Him: "I guess I was wrong."
Me: "I wasn't saying that to hurt your feelings. I was saying it to let you know that I truly am happy."
Him: "Ok, I gotta go now. Bye."

Then he hung up.

I don't understand what he wanted. Did he think he would just call me up, be talking all this I miss you and we're perfect for each other bullshit, and think I would just drop everything and go back to him? Two years after he dumped me....OVER A TEXT MESSAGE....after dating for only a month? Yeah, THAT'S gonna happen! During our previous conversations I've never said anything that would indicate to him that I was unhappy or "comfortable" in my relationship with Joe. I don't get it. He didn't sound drunk or anything like that. I don't know. All I know is that I am truly happy for the first time in my life. So happy I'm shitting rainbows.

Deep Throat of the Day: Some boys are so stooopid.


Anonymous said...

some guys are surely idiots!

Grant said...

If I dumped you and wanted you to come running for a booty call in the future, I would have at least written a nice formal e-mail. I know how to treat women.

Amanda said...

Boys? Stupid? Truer words were never spoken...or written!

Randi said...

Ugh. My ex pulled that shit too and I was all "Um, I'm engaged TO BE MARRIED YOU DUMB FUCK!"

Then he has the nerve to tell MY BROTHER he fucked up. Duh?

Judy B said...

I have never seen anyone shit rainbows. Please call me when this happens or at least take a pic (I KNOW you take your phone to the bathroom) so I can see for myself.