Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mother knows best

I mentioned in early February that Ethan was having problems with some of the kids in his class. These problems got so bad that I went to the principal to have his class switched. I wrote about the outcome of that meeting which didn't go in my favor.

About the time I went to the principal to request a class change, Ethan's teacher was leaving for an undetermined amount of time and a sub was coming in. Once the sub started, things got a little better for Ethan. A few weeks later, they started in on him again. At that point, I asked Ethan if he could just suck it up for the remainder of the school year and next year will be better. Well last night shit hit the fan.

I came home from work last night to find 2 messages from the principal on my home phone voice mail. In both messages she said that Ethan was involved in an incident and she wanted to discuss what was going to happen to him tomorrow. I spoke with Ethan to discuss what happened. He explained to me that he got jumped by 2 boys in the bathroom after lunch. He wasn't hurt and it got broken up rather quickly. He never reported it to a teacher because he didn't want to piss the boys off. Later at recess, one of the boys from the bathroom threw a soccer ball at him, which didn't hurt him and apparently that pissed the boy off. So after recess when Ethan went to the bathroom, those same 2 boys jumped him again. This time 2 other boys came in and tried to help Ethan. (he wasn't hurt at all) The commotion was loud and a teacher heard and the boys were all sent to the principal's office.

I went in her office early this morning to discuss what she said was going to happen to Ethan. She explained the entire situation to me and said that because Ethan defended himself, that made him "involved" therefore he was going to get in-school suspension with the other 2 boys. OH HELL NO! I waited for her to finish and then I let her have it, in a very calm, yet stern way.

ME: "It is completely unacceptable for Ethan to have in-school suspension today. HE was attacked by TWO boys and has EVERY right to defend himself. I came to you back in February and explained the problems Ethan was having with these children. You not once acknowledged that this class has been a problem prior to Ethan coming. Instead, you made it seem like Ethan was the one causing the problems when you KNEW that there were issues with other children. You refused to have his class switched and now he's getting jumped in the bathroom by these children who have been consistently causing problems. Ethan will NOT be doing in-school suspension today. Today he is going to pack up his desk and move to a new class."

Principal: "You cannot come in here and demand to have his class switched. I am the principal and ultimately I am the one who makes that decision. I will take what you've said into consideration and ponder if I should switch his class."

ME: "Yes, I can demand that his class be switched and it WILL be switched. If not, I'll take it to someone higher than you. Because I'm sure that your superiors will agree that his current class is a hostile environment for him. I DETERMINE what's best for my son, NOT YOU! So the bottom line is that he will be going to a different class and that's the end of this discussion."

We talked a bit more about things including her making me out to be a racist during our talk in February by detailing the percentages of the different races in the school and saying she couldn't put my son in a less diverse class. (meaning, with more white kids) I pretty much stuck to my guns and explained that I know my son has his faults, they're the same faults he's had since he's started school. I also know that what's going on isn't normal and needs to stop. The only way to do that is to place him in a different class.

So, he went back to class and didn't serve in-school suspension. Tomorrow starts Spring Break and when he returns from break, he'll be in a new class.


Deep Throat of the Day: Mother knows best.


Jim McKee said...

Damn, April. I am so proud to know you (if only through the Internet). That was truly awesome.

J R Estelle said...

As a former teacher, Principals are overblown cocksuckers who desperately WANT to be the Superintendent.

Anonymous said...

at's m'girl!!!

don't take that shit.

get em tiger!

R said...

Dang! Good for you. Ethan's lucky to have you for a Mom. He will NEVER forget how you're standing up for him and doing the right thing.

(Checked the link per your's crossed out, but still linked to the old blog).

Kira said...

Good job! You handled that beautifully. I'm glad that you were able to get what Ethan needed despite the principal's determination to play power trip instead of do what was right. That's what mothers are for! Well, at least the good ones.

Randi said...

It sucks to have to play the "bitch" card but there is always the right way to do it and you did.
Good for you for sticking to your guns!

The Soviet said...

i am so proud of you! and ethan! that principal can SUCK IT.