Tuesday, May 26, 2009

She said what?

Early last week I came home on my lunch break. When I passed the house that's 2 houses down from ours, I noticed the 2 y/o boy that lives there was standing in his driveway all by himself. There are a total of 3 kids living there, him being the youngest, and it's very normal to see the kids outside playing. So at first I didn't think anything of it. Then he started walking down the sidewalk toward my house. I figured that his mother or sisters would be coming to get him any minute. So I went inside and started making a sandwich. I heard the boy start crying and I looked out the window and I saw him now standing in the street with no one coming to get him.

I darted out the door to scoop him up and bring him home. I got about 3/4 of the way there when his mother realized he was in the street and came running to get him. She thanked me for coming to help and then started making many excuses as to how this could happen, to not sound like a bad mom. I reassured her that I completely understood and that kids are quick. Things like this happen. It's also the first time, since I've lived there, I've ever seen the child outside without anyone watching him.

Fast forward a few days. Joe's outside talking to her and her husband. She mentions the situation and how nice it was of me to come help. Also during that conversation, Joe mentioned that last weekend he watched our other neighbor's two daughters, since I had to work. She looked at him and said, "No offense, but I would NEVER let you watch my kids. Then again, I wouldn't let any man watch my kids. I wouldn't even let him (pointing to her husband) watch them if he wasn't their father." Joe was offended for several reasons and I don't blame him.

I think it's ignorant for a woman to have the mentality that men are incapable of watching children. I was raised by a man and so was Joe. I think we both turned out just fine.

Joe has lived there for quite some time and said that it's not the first time he's noticed that boy outside without supervision. That made him want to reply to her with, "At least I wouldn't let your kid be wandering in the streets alone." But he didn't because he's a nice guy like that.

The next day we saw the boy in their driveway, alone, again. We were leaving the house rather than coming home, so who knows how long he was outside unsupervised. But the point of the story is a woman thinking a man is incapable of watching children. I've met *plenty* of women I'd never trust with my son.

I believe it's on a person to person basis, regardless of gender, when it comes to deciding who you can and cannot trust watching your children. What are your thoughts on that?

Congratulations to Randi
on her new marital status!

Deep Throat of the Day: Boss on vacation = more productivity at work. YAY!


John said...

You are a dumb ass. You use the comma entirely too much and your blog sucks. And you don't know how to spell either.

April said...

John: I've went through this entire post trying to figure out which word(s) I've spelled wrong and I couldn't find a thing. I know I'm not the best at grammar, but if you don't like it, you don't need to call me a dumbass, just stop reading. As, far, as, my, comma, usage,,,,,,,,go, fuck, yourself. I don't know why people like you bother leaving negative messages on people's blogs. You're an asshole!

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

John can go fuck himself. If he doesn't like your blog, he doesn't have to read it.

As for your neighbor, what an ignorant thing to say! Gender has nothing to do with parenting ability. A man can do a better job raising a child than some women can. It's based entirely on the person and not at all on their gender. People suck.

R said...

Yeah, what Britni said. All of it.

Maine said...

I know I've killed both of my kids a few times personally.I'm irresponsible.

On a side note, "you use the comma entirely too much" and "your blog sucks" are both independent clauses that, ironically, should be separated by a comma.

Slightly less ironic? Sentences probably shouldn't be starting with "and".

Judy B said...

OMG, I didn't know that Bill O'Reilly (aka, "John") read your blog!!!! Amazinable.

BTW, your neighbor is a dumb ass bitch. Next time the kid is outside alone, call 911 and get her reported for neglect. (But keep an eye on him, which I know you will.) Makes you wonder how many times he is out there alone and nobody knows it.