Monday, May 04, 2009

Some Priests Suck (literally & figuratively)

Yesterday Joe and I went to see his nephew take his first communion. We got there a tad late and consequently had to stand at the back of the church. About 15 minutes after we arrived, there was some commotion in the row where Joe's family was sitting. Next thing we hear is, "CALL 911!"

Joe said, "It's my dad!" So we ran up to the front and found Joe's dad white as a ghost, passed out in the pew. While we were running up to the front, I was digging in my purse to find my phone. I couldn't find it fast enough so I dumped my purse on the ground, found my phone, and called 911. I started panicking and couldn't even tell the dispatcher exactly where in Maryland we were. All I could say was St. Joseph's church in Maryland. I asked where we were and I guess no one heard or was paying attention. Thankfully, another woman who was from the area, and more calm than I, had made a call to 911 also and was able to tell them exactly where we were.

A man ran up from the back of the church and said he was a doctor. Another man ran up too and said he was an EMT. The 2 of them laid Poppa Joe down, loosened his belt and unbuttoned his shirt. The doctor took his pulse, while people fanned him down. After a minute or two, which seemed like an eternity, Poppa Joe came around and asked what happened.

Right about that time the priest came down from his podium and walked over to where Joe and I were standing. The first thing out of his mouth was, "Can we move him to the back of the room so we can go on?" He didn't ask if he was OK, he didn't ask who he was related to, he didn't ask the family if they want him to read the last rights, he didn't even ask if he could do anything to help. Nope. All he was concerned with was getting the show back on the road. No one answered him. He asked again. And again. And again. Finally the doctor looked up at him with a stern look and said, "This man isn't going anywhere until the ambulance gets here." At that point we didn't know what had happened. Heart attack? Stroke? The heat got to him? (it was crazy hot in that joint) No one knew.

One of the church ladies had come with a wheelchair but had put it back when she realized that we weren't moving him until the ambulance arrived. But the priest had told her to get it because we needed to move him. She brought it back but said, "It's here ONLY if you need it."

The ambulance came and took him to the hospital. Joe and I followed the ambulance and waited for him to be admitted. They did some preliminary tests and determined that it wasn't a heart attack or stroke. The doctor said that 50% of the time they cannot determine what's caused someone to pass out like Poppa Joe did. They kept him over night to do some more tests and monitor him.

Back to the priest. I have NEVER in my life seen such a lack of compassion from a man of God. He had no concern what so ever about the elderly man in his 70's passed out in the pew. All he cared about was getting on with mass. We are infuriated! Joe and I wanted to write letters to the church along with one to the dioceses of which that church belonged. However, it's the church his sister goes to and she asked us not to. Bullshit. But it's her church and we should probably respect her wishes.

All I know is that priest is a fucking asshole and I hope that when his time comes, he has to answer to God as to why he was more concerned about proceeding with a mass than he was with the life of another human being. The worst thing is that from start to finish, the entire episode only took about 15 minutes away from mass. FIFTEEN FUCKING MINUTES! Asshole.

Deep Throat of the Day: That priest totally SUCKS!


Grant said...

I know somebody else with a child getting first communion today. Hopefully it went better for them. You should ask for a lock of the priest's hair and sit in the front of the church next time, stabbing a Voodou doll of him the entire time.

Maine said...

Hmm... sounds like the priest had some boy sex lined up for later and didn't want to be late for it. Or maybe he was supposed to deliver some weed to some guys he knew over in White Marsh before 4 PM.

Kira said...

We have a fucking crap priest here in Easley, which is why my son did not get his First Communion in Easley (yes, Jared's the boy Grant referenced in his post). If I walk out of church angry instead of at peace, then something's screwed. This priest would definitely do it to me. The priest in Easley did, too. But I'm also happy to say that there are some awesome religious folks out there like the priest we had in Columbia and the two that run the church in Clemson. I guess it has to be the same way with any major religious group, Christian or not--some who are called to the profession are meant to do it, and some think they hear a call but it's really the pizza delivery boy ringing next door.

Is his dad ok now?

April said...

Kira, yes his dad is OK. They've released him a few hours ago. Thanks for asking! I guess you can't let a bad apple or two ruin the whole bunch.

Whitemist said...

Pretty much what I would I would expect from a man of religion, but not a man of God.

R said...

I've seen this happen several times, in churches of several denominations. I've even seen it happen twice at weddings (where bridesmaids pass out). Sometimes the service continues after the afflicted has been moved to the narthex to wait for an ambulance, sometimes the service has been delayed until the situation was resolved.

But NEVER have I heard anything as egregious as "Can we move him to the back of the room so we can go on?". That's just beyond the pale. I would definitely make my opinion known to a higher authority, feelings of the family be damned (no pun intended), even if it has to be done anonymously. That's just ridiculous.

Maybe you should tell the priest to read his Bible:

"To him that is afflicted, pity should be showed from his friend."
Job 6:14

Randi said...

That's bullshit.
Who cares if it's his sister's church? That priest is a dick.

Nikki said...

Never ceases to amaze me these churches,,,,,gotta get the money,,,gotta get it done.
Lord help the man.
Hope your father in law to be is doing well.

Hope u don't mind I added u to my new blog's blogroll.


Kira said...

keep forgetting to tell you (it's been busy what with final grade crunch, Alex's wisdom teeth being removed, and me trying to slice off the entire top of my index finger/getting it sewn back on like a piece of Frankenstein) that they DID find the girl. We think it was her fucking useless wife-beater biological father. But she's back and safe, so that's all that matters.