Monday, June 15, 2009

I wanted to kiss her, with the togue

Last night I took my little sister, Alex, to see No Doubt in concert. Gwen Stefani looked absolutely amazing! If I wasn't way far away from her, I would've attempted to jump on stage and make out with her. And maybe lick her rock hard abs. I'd love to take a body shot from her body. Wow. Just smoking hot.

We had lawn seats at Nissan Pavilion, so we were laying down waiting for the show.

Paramore opened for them, and they were pretty good, but definitely no, No Doubt.

And then No Doubt came on and rocked the joint! It was so awesome! Click them to make them bigger so you can see how hot Gwen looked. Even though it's far away, you can still see her hotness!

If you like No Doubt and they're coming to your area, you should definitely check them out. They put on a great, entertaining show. Plus Gwen's hot. Bonus!

Deep Throat of the day: Don't bring kids to a grown up concert. People are getting drunk, bouncing around, and smoking weed. Think people!


Grant said...

You tell them, April. Don't bring the kids in. Give them a beer bong and leave them in the parking lot.

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

Cute! How old is your sister?

I want to see this show so badly. I love love love Paramore and I love love love No Doubt. It's the perfect combination!

April said...

Britni: She's 17. She went because she loves Paramore. She wasn't too excited about No Doubt. But when we left she said, "No Doubt was so much much better than Paramore." They put on a great show, you should go if they're coming to your area.

tiff said...

The DTotD is so TRUE. Pay good money to get the kid in, and ruin them for life. Nice job.

Here from Grant's.

Anonymous said...

My freind was on that concert, too. He was very impressed by Gwen's abs. He also say he thinks she went 'commando' that night. :D :D