Friday, June 12, 2009


This our dog, Missy. She was Joe's dog, but I've fallen in love with her and adopted her, making her *our* dog. She's a unique combination of Pit Bull and Greyhound.

She is a very lovable dog who thinks she's human. She will lick you to death, snuggle with you on the couch, follow you around the house, plop her big body practically on top of you when you're laying in bed, and get insanely jealous if you show someone else affection in front of her because she's an attention whore. She's very protective of her masters, her house and her yard. And she's especially not fond of other dogs. I guess that's her Pit Bull genes shining through. However, she truly is a good dog. Most of the time, her bark is bigger than her bite. Yesterday was not one of those times.

Our house borders a forest that contains many trails and creeks which lead to a lake. Many people walk these trials. Missy always does her typical running up and down the length of our fence, barking and barking and barking at these people when they walk past our yard. Yesterday a man was walking his dog on the trail past our house. Missy sprinted through the yard, up to the fence. Next thing we hear is this god awful sound of a dog yelping and crying. Joe ran up to the fence to see what happened. I was in the house and heard the noise as well. I ran outside to see the other dog with blood dripping down it's snout. It was horrible.

Apparently, the dog barked at Missy and then stuck it's nose through the fence. Missy ran up to the fence so quickly and the guy said there was too much slack in the leash. Before the guy knew it, Missy had gripped down on the dog's snout, puncturing it pretty good. We felt horrible that she did that, however, she's never done it before. Our neighbors have a dog that is often in the yard the same time as Missy. They sniff noses a lot, never having a biting incident.

I offered to get some paper towels to help clean the dog up, but the guy said they only lived 3 houses down. They went home. About 10 minutes later, the guy came back with his mom, who is the owner of the dog. She was very nice and asked to see Missy's shot records. We apologized and explained that this has never happened before.

Joe and I were discussing the situation because he's worried that they might call the County Animal Control. We both agreed that we did nothing wrong. Missy wasn't running the streets. She was confined to our fenced-in yard. We don't have a "beware of dog" sign because something like this has never happened before. I don't think we should have to pay for any portion of a vet bill, if it was necessary for her to take the dog to the vet. (she's not asked us to pay anything, yet) She said last night that she was going to clean up the blood and see how much damage was done. We asked her to keep us posted. We've heard nothing since.

I believe that regardless of how nice any dog may be, they're still dogs. They still have instincts that never go away, no matter how much you train them. Yes this was a very unfortunate incident and yes, we feel horrible. But I don't believe that anyone was at fault. Not us or the owner of the other dog.

What do you think?

Update: Joe went to their house today to check on the dog. There are 2 puncture wounds; one on the top of her snout and one in the roof of her mouth. They did take her to the vet and he said she'll be fine. He prescribed antibiotics and pain killers. Apparently the guy walking the dog feels terrible and recognizes that it's his fault. But we're all good.

Deep Throat of the Day: Maybe we should change her name to Tyson?


Andrea said...

I kinda sorta blame the other dog's owner. You see a dog barking and running the fence line, you tighten the leash. You don't put your dog or the other dog in a position in which either will feel the need to be defensive. This could have been avoided. Just my two cents.

April said...

Andrea: I kinda sorta blamed him too, but I realize that Missy ran up there so quickly and he tried to pull back but didn't realize there was as much slack in the leash as there was. So, I guess I can see how it happened. If someone has to be blamed, it's definitely his fault. =)

You're two cents are the best two cents in the world!

Grant said...

I really think it's nobody's fault and just dogs being dogs, but I would probably offer to pay half of the vet bill if they brought it up, mostly to try to keep the law on my side as much as possible. This reminds me of when I took my dog to the vet for a routine checkup and I listened to another family talking to the receptionist. They were there because of a court order to put their dog to sleep. They did have beware of dog signs on every fence side, but the dog bit someone who jumped the fence and had no legitimate reason to be there. He and his family took them to court and the judge, obviously unsympathetic to the family's fuzzy baby, took the easy road and just ordered it killed.

Not that I'm trying to make you worry or anything. Just put that right out of your mind. If it makes you feel better, today's bunny offering has breasts, so you might like her.

Kira said...

They shouldn't let their dog's nose go into the fence. The dog was just protecting her territory. Unfortunately, though, now that you know she has bitten, you'll be incredibly liable if she ever bites again. At least, that's how the law works in SC. So, you'll have to be extra careful of other idiots who let their dogs stick body parts into Missy's territory. Sigh.