Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mons Pubis Liposuction?

So I was over at The Churning and I clicked on a link about vaginas. Because who doesn't see a link about vaginas and feel the urge to click on it? At first I was intrigued when I saw this:

Twenty-eight plaster casts of vulvas done by an artist. Of course I started examining to see which one looked closest to mine. But then I found this website.

This doctor performs labiaplasties, clitoral hood removals, and mons pubis liposuctions. Those seem like pointless surgeries to me...unless you're a stripper or porn star, or want to become one or the other (or both). Why would anyone want sharp objects near their precious girl bits? I don't care if I get put to sleep or not. Just knowing that they're going to be slicing and dicing my pretty kitty isn't OK in my book. Also, has anyone ever looked at a vagina and decided that they wouldn't have sex with the person solely based on vaginal appearance? "Um, yeah, I can't hit that because it looks like roast beef."

Can you really be that unhappy with your vagina to want to have surgery on it to make it "prettier"?

Deep Throat of the Day: 1st picture, second row. Yeah.


Kira said... just probably say that because your vagina is gorgeous :D

I have no idea why somebody would want to operate on any part of oneself. Boobies, liposuction, vagina lift, whatever. If the clit works, who cares?

Andrea said...

Even as a stripper or a porn star, why? Seriously? Why? I can't help but assume that any surgery in that area would somehow lessen the sensitivity of things and why do that just to change the appearance? So what if it's "pretty" if you can't feel anything anymore, ya know? Anything that messes with the happy tinglies is a bad thing.

Hubman said...

I don't get it either. I love the tremendous variety of pussy out there (still trying to find them all. lol...)

Glad you told us which one resembles yours, saved me the trouble of asking ;-)

Randi said...

I dunno... if mine looked like the second from the right on the bottom row... I might consider it.

April said...

Kira: I don't call it my pretty kitty for nothing!

Andrea: I agree that losing the sensitivity would be devastating. I used those professions because I figured they're the only people who would use the looks of their vagina to make money.

Hubman: I knew *someone* would ask. ;)

Randi: I bet yours is absolutely stunning!!! =)

R said...

I really must remember to check my news feed when there's no one around.


Britni TheVadgeWig said...

I hated my vagina for a really long time and even asked my mother for labiaplasty for a high school graduation present. As a child, a friend told me mine was "funny looking" and it stuck with me. I carried that insecurity for a long time, and I used to try to keep my lovers from seeing it full on.

However, the more people that I was with that told me that I was beautiful, and the more women I was with or pictures of vaginas that I saw, the more I realized that I was totally normal.

I'm now glad that I never had that surgery, but I can promise you that I understand why women would want it. I don't think that any woman needs it, but I understand the desire behind wanting it.

Anonymous said...

bottom row. second from the end. until hubby gets ahold of it, anyways.


Sexy PTA Mom said...

I am so with Andrea. Don't mess with a good thing. I'd be terrified to lose sensation. Not that I see a need for it anyway.

Anonymous said...

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Bat said...

I know this post is over a year old, but I just found your blog and was reading some of the older stuff. The Deep Throat of the Day made me shoot diet coke out of my nose. Just thought you should know.

Anonymous said...

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