Thursday, June 11, 2009

My fingers are nubs

Last night was the final playoff game for Ethan's baseball team. Win, go to the championship game. Lose, go home, with the best record in the AAA division, still winners.

We played the Nationals. If we were the Red Sox, they'd be our Yankees. Every time we've played them, they've given us a good run for our money. Last night was no exception.

We were considered the home team therefore we stared in the field. One out, two outs, three outs, time to bat! It was looking good. Our kids go up to the plate, one out, two outs, three outs, back to the field. Just like that.

The second inning was exactly the same.

At the top of the third inning it was still 0-0. Then after a couple of errors in the field, the Nationals scored three runs. During the bottom of the third, our boys were at bat. We get a couple of really great hits, a couple of outs, and a couple of stolen bases later, we're up 4-3.

The fourth inning comes and goes just as quickly as the first and second ones did.

The fifth inning started with us not allowing them to score any runs and it ended with one of our players hitting a home run that scored 3 total runs.

At the start of the sixth and final inning, the score was 7-3 us. But it's not over. We've seen this team in action. I'm frantically cheering on our team, biting my nails, and cheering them on some more. Who knew little league could be so exciting? The Nationals were at bat, our pitcher was tired and throwing them down the middle, but with less power than he started with....making the balls very easy targets. They hit, they ran, they scored. They scored again and again. Now it's 7-6 with two outs. "Come on boys, just one more out! You can do it!" I kept cheering to them. If they scored again it would be tied and we still had our turn at bat, but it's much easier just to get the one out and have the game be over. There's a kid on first, a kid on third, and the batter at the plate. Just one out. I'm ripping the skin from around my nails. "LET'S GO DODGERS! LOOK ALIVE AND KEEP MOVING! PLAY'S AT FIRST OR SECOND!" Still cheering them on. He pitches, the boy swings, he misses. Strike one. More cheering. He pitches, the boy swings, he hits, it's a foul ball. Strike two. "JUST ONE MORE STRIKE SAM!" (Sam's the pitcher) "COME ON BUD! YOU GOT THIS!" He looks over at me and nods his head because he's my buddy. He throws a beautiful pitch right down the middle, the kid hits it, a grounder right to the second baseman. Please let him just tag the base and not try to throw it to first. He scoops up the ball and runs over to second base! YOU'RE OUT!


The kids were SO HAPPY! As were me and Joe and the rest of the parents. We congratulated the Nationals for playing such a great game. They truly are the best competitors we've had all season.

What a game.

Wish them luck for Saturday!

Deep Throat of the Day: Miley Cyrus makes my ears bleed. Srsly.


Grant said...

Did you reward them with pizza and beer and hookers after the game?

April said...

Now now, Grant. You know I can't contribute to the drinking of minors. Hookers and pizza, sure? But beer....gotta wait until they're 21.

Kira said...

See, I'd be the reverse: I'd be telling them to wait until they are 21 for the hookers, but here's the beer ;)

Congrats for the big win! This is so exciting. Best of luck for Saturday indeed!

Randi said...

Let's hope they don't eff it up at the end like the "real" Dodgers always do.