Sunday, June 28, 2009

Staples (not for the weak stomached)

Ethan asked if he could ride his bike to his friend's house and go to the pool with the friend and the friend's dad. I said, "Sure. Just be careful at the pool. Don't do those crazy flips because I don't want you hitting your head. OK?" He understood, gave me a hug and a kiss and out the door he went.

About five minutes later our phone started to ring. Joe answered it and I only caught the end half of the conversation, "Ok, so you're at the corner of Street A and Street B? We'll be there in a minute." Immediately my heart stopped and I just knew it was Ethan. Joe told me that Ethan wrecked on his bike and the lady said he's OK but he's just worried. In a minute we were out the door.

When we pulled up to the house that Ethan wrecked in front of, the whole family of that house was standing outside. The lady was holding a napkin and ice pack to the back of his head. As we walked up to them, I wanted to cry. There was blood pouring down his head, neck and onto his shirt. We introduced ourselves and thanked them for taking care of him and calling us.

Apparently, Ethan thought it would be cool to ride his bike with no hands. He took a turn and wiped out. The people heard him calling for help and did what they could before we got there.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should always wear your helmet when riding your bike, with both hands on the handlebars.

Four staples.

I knew when I looked at the cut and saw how deep it was that he was going to have to have it closed (I thought stitches). Aside from the fearful, devastated, extremely funny look on his face when the doctor said, "We have to use staples to close that up" he did VERY well in that office. He took the numbing needles to the wound like a champ. Thank goodness because I know that if he would've lost it, I most definitely would've lost it too. But he stayed strong and was calm and patient through the whole procedure.

And here I was worried about him hitting his head at the pool.

Deep Throat of the Day: It's nice to know there's still good people in this world.


Jim McKee said...


(When I saw the title, I thought it was a reference to the office-supply chain...)

Thank God he's gonna be OK. I know, as a parent, that kind of moment will test the strength of your heart.

Hubman said...

Yikes! A few weeks ago Princess Persistent needed 4 stitches near her eyebrow- don't head wounds bleed like crazy?

Putting on my fun-police hat: why wasn't he wearing a helmet in the first place?

My son got 4 staples in his scalp when he was 3 yrs old- healed quite nicely, and he thought it was pretty cool to have staples instead of stitches.

April said...

Jim: I was feeling horrible but knew that if I freaked out, he would react to that. Staying strong when your baby is bleeding from their head is not an easy feat, for sure.

Hubman: He wasn't wearing his helmet because he left it at his dad's house. I was a bad parent and let him ride without it. I seriously feel like the lowest of the low parents and should probably call Social Services on myself. I feel horrible. But, I'll NEVER EVER let him ride without one again.

Grant said...

You could have stapled him shut at home and saved yourself the money.

Randi said...

Little boys are X-treme in every sense of the word aren't they?
Glad the little guy's ok.

Anonymous said...

Nah leave the helmet!
We didnt have helmets!
Look how we turned out!!!!!

Ok on second thought, go with the helmet!

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

Aw, I'm so glad that those people were there to help him. Poor Ethan, but I'm glad he took it like a champ. It's just part of being a kid, though, right?