Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TMI Tuesday

1. Would you stay in a loveless relationship for the amazing sex?
*I have been in relationships solely for the amazing sex. They are empty relationships that do not give me the companionship that I require to be happy. So, no. I would not stay in a loveless relationship for the amazing sex.

2. If you could only have one, which would you choose: love that lasts forever or great, body numbing sex?
*Love that lasts forever. Who is to say that when we're 80 the sex will still be body numbing? Then what are you left with? Give me the love!

3. Looking back at your past loves, which one should you have married/taken back and who should you have tossed earlier than you did?
*Three days before my wedding I had someone profess his love for me and beg me not to get married. Sometimes I wonder what would've happened if I hadn't gone through with the wedding for him. But I also wouldn't take back my marriage, as that helped me grow as a person, regardless of how bad it got. However, I do feel that I probably should've left my ex-husband sooner than I did.

4. If you had one last fuck in you where, how and who would you “give it” to?

*I would most definitely give it to Joe. How and where would depend on my mood. I might want it nice and romantic or I might want it in a public place. I just can't say at this moment.

5. Which is more important sex, money, love and happiness? (and no, you can’t pick’em all)

*For me love and happiness are the most important. Sex and money are great, but they can't give you love or true happiness. In my opinion, anyway.

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Hubman said...

I enjoyed your answers, especially to #2- a lot of people seem to have similar responses today!

Grant said...

TMI Tuesday would work better as a picture post.

JudyBoody said...

OMG you must REALLY LOVE Joe. I figured you'd give your last fuck to Matthew McConnaghey (sp?)

I hope he knows how lucky he is.

April said...

Hubman: Thank you! The answer to #2 is only logical, ya know?

Grant: Picture post? I'm not a bunny and I have boobies. So you wouldn't like it.

JB: Matthew came in a close second, but Joe's got my heart!! (you can puke now) He does know how lucky he is, he tells me so.

R said...

Ah, but would you stay in a sexless marriage for the amazing lovelessness?


April said...

R: ONLY if the lovelessness was absolutely amazing. I wouldn't settle for anything less! =)

Kira said...

I would think, personally, that happiness would cover sex/money/love ;)