Sunday, June 14, 2009

We are the Champions, my friends!

And we kept on fighting, 'til the end. We had another nail biter yesterday. I'm glad it's over because if I had to go through more of this, I'd have no fingers left at all. The AAA Dodgers beat the Rockies 8-5!!!! Ethan managed to spot me trying to take his picture with the trophy, so he posed.

And here's me, all nasty, sweaty, sticky, but not smelly..with the Champion.

After the awards ceremony, one of the team parents got a LIMO for the kids. They piled up in the limo and went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream.

Yes, Ethan's shirt is so long it could be a dress. I told him to tuck it in, but I guess he was too excited and didn't bother.

And this cutie is the ex's baby, Sam. How adorable is he?

Tonight I'm taking my little sister to a No Doubt concert. That should be fun. I'll post that adventure with pictures some time this week. Not that you care, I'm just sayin'.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Deep Throat of the Day: Irony at it's finest: One of our boys hit a foul ball...right into the windshield of a Jag...which belonged to the Rockies coach. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!


Grant said...

Congratulations! But ice cream? Winning the championship definitely calls for hookers and booze.

The Soviet said...

if ethan's team was the mets, they could have celebrated with mounds of coke!

but yay for ethan!

R said...

GREAT Photos. Congrats!

Kira said...

That's awesome! Ethan (and you!) will remember this day fondly forever :)