Thursday, July 30, 2009

Funky funky

I was over at Hubman's blog and read a post where he linked to this Befunky website that creates awesome effects to your pictures. Unfortunately, I missed the picture that Hubman created of himself, as he took it down prior to me reading the post. But of course I had to try it and post it here for your viewing pleasure. And unlike Hubman, I won't take it down. (he took it down to maintain his anonymity, since I'm not anonymous, mine will stay up)

Pretty cool, huh? This picture was taken a couple weeks ago at a Margarita Party that some friends of our were throwing.

In other news, the doctor I interviewed with back in February called me Tuesday night. After he informed me that he was going to hire someone else, he asked that we keep in touch because he'd like to keep the door open. So a couple weeks ago I had sent him an email just saying hi and all that good stuff. It was short and sweet. He called me a couple days after that and we spoke for about an hour. I was very honest with him about the issues I'm having at my current job. He told me about some issues he's having, some of which I could help with. I offered to help him in the evenings when I got off of work, to which he said that he'd get back to me. That brings me to the call this past Tuesday.

He asked if things were any better at my current job, which they're still the same. Not any worse, but not better either. Then he said, "The purpose of this call is to let you know that you will be working for me in the near future. I'm becoming quite unhappy with the way things are going in my office and based on all of the things you've said to me, I believe that you are what I need to get them turned around. However, I still need to give this person a chance. So if things are still going in the same downward direction come late September, early October, I'll be giving you a call to entice you to come work for me."

This is the same story with the men in my life. Once they leave they all want me back. =)

Deep Throat of the Day: Being wanted feels great.


the eternal list said...

cool blog

Hubman said...

I think you know and understand why I took the picture down! In any case, I'll email it to you (and maybe even the original) when I'm home this evening.

Good luck with the job stuff!

April said...

Eternal List: Thanks!

Hubman: Of course I know why and understand why you took your picture down. And I completely respect what you did, I was just giving you a hard time! Hee hee, I said hard. =)

Hubman said...

I figured you knew. I like a hard time ;-)

Ron said...

Two things -
1. LOVE the pic!

2. Why wasn't I invited to the Margarita party?

Southern Sage said...

love the pic!

Awesome about the job too!! atta girl! Hope it works out ad is way better!

Maine said...

This is the same story with the men in my life. Once they leave they all want me back.

Hey, we should grab a bite to eat sometime and catch up. :)

R said...

Being wanted is great—unless you're featured on a flyer at the Post Office.

Organic Meatbag said...

they all come crawling back like snakes don't they? Snakes with mustaches...?????

BlueEyes69 said...

Fun shot, and apparently a beautiful lady. If you give me some idea of what you're looking for and send me a photo, I can do many, many things with PhotoShop. Please keep in touch.