Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Phantom Pains

Pretty much every single day I experience phantom pains in my foot that's been amputated. Sometimes the pain is more severe, causing my leg to jump. But usually it's just a quick, sharp pain felt several times in a row then it goes away. While it's pretty annoying, it's definitely tolerable. I'm telling you this because of the conversation I had with Ethan over the phone last night. (he's at his dad's house)

Me: "Hey Boogie! How's your head feeling where the staples are?"

Ethan: "Ok, but I think I'm having phantom pains."

Me:(laughing) "Phantom pains? You can't be having phantom pains! They didn't cut your head off, silly boy!"

Ethan: "Nooo, you know where the meat got ripped out of my head? I think I'm feeling that missing meat hurting."

Me: (peeing myself from laughing so hard) "You didn't have any meat ripped out of your head! You just had a pretty deep cut."

Ethan: "OH, so the meat just got split open, not ripped out?"

Me: "That's right."

God I love that kid!

Deep Throat of the Day: Meathead is his new nickname.


Anonymous said...

you need to help him think up a story for his buds.

" I heard a noise outside and I didn't wanna wake up momma so I went outside, it was midnight, 3 men were breaking in, all I had was a flashlight, they saw me, I charged them............

...... only one of them died the other two are still feeding through a straw and poopin ina bedpan... oh yeah I got 4 stitches.

Grant said...

Are you sure you can't have phantom pains in parts of your body still attached? That's what I nicknamed the random pains I've been having since I got sick. Are you going to sue, or can I keep using the label?

Hubman said...

Foot amputated? Looks like I gotta read back in your blog!

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

Hm... phantom pains sound totally weird. Are they freaky when you first start too experience them?

April said...

Sage: Yeah, I guess falling off his bike doesn't sound as cool as beating up some robbers!

Grant: You can call them whatever you want!

Hubman: Yeah, I've not mentioned it in a while. I emailed you the details.

Brit: It is SOOOO weird when you first feel it because you KNOW your foot is gone, but it feels like it's still there. I can still wiggle my amputated toes, it's crazy.

R said...


Organic Meatbag said...

I may be Organic Meatbag, but I don't think I ever want my meatbag to be ripped out...hahaha...

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

My new URL is

Plz to update sidebars and such!

{{ d a n i m o }} said...

that is too cute! :D

sorry for stalking your blog; i just had to read this entry! see, i went to university at ucsd, where dr. ramachandran, a world leader in phantom limb pain syndrome research, works and was my professor; he was supposed to be my research mentor too but life got in the way. so i studied phantom pain pretty extensively. why was your foot amputated btw?

April said...

Danimo: It's awesome that you worked with a such a prominent man and studied phantom pain so extensively. Seriously, it's fascinating. I read about it all the time. As for my leg, I was in a pretty bad car accident in 2001 which caused me to break every bone in my right leg from my knee down. My talus was completely broken in half and laying on the floor board of the car. They put me back together but infection set in (osteomyelitis) and completely ate away at my ankle bone. After 8 surgeries I finally told them to cut the damn thing off. There was so much nerve damage and the alternative would offer me a poor quality of life, so amputation it was. And I'm 100% ok with it. Although shoes tend to make me depressed. But I get over that quickly. ;)

Thanks for all of your compliments btw!