Friday, August 07, 2009

Crazy Convo

Ethan's friend, Brandon, moved to New Jersey about a year and a half ago. This weekend he's visiting and staying at our house. I picked him up earlier today and this kid has grown like a foot. He is 10 years old and is 5'2", weighing 105 pounds. Crazy. Anyway, so the boys are in the back seat and this is part of the conversation I tuned in on:

Ethan: "Dude, you're starting to get dark peach fuzz on your lip!"
Brandon: "You have blonde peach fuzz on yours.
Ethan: "But the hair on my legs is dark."
Brandon: "Yeah, mine too."
Ethan: "AND, I'm starting to get dark hair down there."
Brandon: "I am too."
Ethan: "Cool."

I've talked about this subject before and how much it freaks me out. And after hearing this conversation, nothing's changed. I still don't care to know about my kid's pubes. (and neither do you, I'm sure, but any of you who've been reading this blog know that I'm full of TMI)



Hubman said...

Today is my son's 9th birthday. I'd be perfectly happy if he stopped aging right now.

I am NOT to even begin thinking about puberty!

How old is Ethan? How long do I have?

Hubman said...

Yeah, that should be "I am NOT ready to even being thinking about puberty!"

That'll teach me to click "Publish your comment" before I read what I wrote....

the eternal list said...

there is no such thing as TMI in my world...

...keep blogging the truth, pretty lady

Another Suburban Mom said...

I am agreeing with Hubman. I am just not prepared to deal with DB puberty.

Southern Sage said...

go Ethan!

April said...

Hubman: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DB!! Ethan just turned 11 last month. So he was 10 when he started talking about his pubes. Yeah, your day is coming. Soon. Very soon. =)

TEL: There's no such thing as TMI in my world either, but to some people, there is. Thanks for being one of the people who doesn't mind my over-sharing.

ASM: How do you prepare for this? I mean, I know it's going to happen. It's inevitable. But really? I wish I could skip this part. Although I'm thankful that Ethan feels comfortable enough to talk to me about these things.

Sage: NO! NO GO ETHAN! He needs to stop growing. (more specifically, stop growing pubes) hee hee.

Grant said...

Have you told Ethan yet that he'll always be your baby and he's not allowed to grow up?

Kira said...

I still think that it's worse when you have a daughter and they sprout pubes AND boobs at the same time ;)

Drunk Indian Civilian said...

Shoot.. I swear.. when my daughter was about a year old, and we went to have her yearly check up, I freaked out when the doctor ( who is male) happened to mention that my daughter had a bit of peach fuzz there.. my then wife at the time ( she's still my wife.. but separated) had to calm me down from hitting the guy for even looking at my kid like that..

Randi said...

I remember when my brother started getting armpit hair. I thought I was going to barf. LOL