Thursday, August 20, 2009

Product Review

My favorite toys to review are cock rings that offer clitoral stimulation. When I reviewed the Share the Love Kit in my first product review, I mentioned how much I loved the Sonic Ring Kit. To me there is nothing better than being able to receive g-spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. That's why I jumped at the chance to review the Innervibe Ring when Babeland put it up for review.

The Innervibe Ring comes in a single for only $9 and a duet for only $13. The single ring has one vibrating bullet-like object while the duet has two. Babeland was kind enough to send me the duet.

The Innervibe Ring duet offers stimulation for the clitoris and testicular stimulation for the male. You can even comfortably stretch the ring around the balls and use it to increase sensation, maintain an erection, or delay ejaculation. We did not try this therefore I cannot speak on how well it works for that purpose. I can, however, tell you that this thing is out of this world! For the price, you seriously can't go wrong.

It's made of a silicone/elastomer material so it's certainly easy to clean. The vibration intensity is pretty decent, considering I have a very sensitive clitoris, and the volume isn't loud at all. With it between your bodies and the sounds made during sex, you won't even hear it vibrating (but you'll definitely feel it!). You can also put it around a dildo or vibrator for some dual action alone time.

The bullet-like vibrating piece is disposable. The website says, "Dispose of ring after up to one hour of continuous vibration, or replace with Sterling Vibe." I would certainly not dispose of the ring because even though the bullet-like vibrating piece may stop vibrating, it still offers the perfect amount of pressure for clitoral stimulation, especially while she's on top and working it the right way. Not only that but the Sterling Vibe is only $13. So why not just be able to use this baby with vibration forever!

From Joe's perspective, he initially liked the vibration around his penis and on his balls. But after a while he said the vibrations started to make him numb. The ring stretches to about 5.5 inches and should fit comfortably, unless your man has a super sensitive penis like someone I know......

Overall I think this is an amazing product, not only because of it's capabilities but because of it's price. Just head on over to Babeland and get one for yourself!


Britni TheVadgeWig said...

It's nice to hear of someone that enjoys the vibrating cock rings. My experience with them hasn't been all that great, so I'm glad to hear that you and Joe are enjoying yours.

It may have been the ring and not the vibrations that made him numb, as well. Cock rings have a tourniquet effect and so that may have been what did it. But if he liked the vibrations, maybe he'd enjoy you using a small vibe on his shaft and balls while blowing or fucking him!

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