Tuesday, September 29, 2009

He Loves Me

I was walking out of the office today to do a coffee run, when the FedEx guy was walking in. He had 2 boxes, one from 1-800-FLOWERS. I said, "Oh, looks like someone's getting flowers!" He said, "Yup. These are for April." I excitedly replied, "I'M APRIL! I GOT FLOWERS!" The girls all got excited for me as we opened the box to find 2 dozen, beautiful, red roses.

There was a sweet card along with the lovely flowers from Joe. It's not my birthday, it's not our anniversary, it's not Valentine's Day....it's just because. Just to let me know he's thinking about me. Those are the best kind. I've said it before and I'll say it again....I truly am the luckiest woman in the world!

Deep Throat of the Day: Don't hate.


Grant said...

If you're the luckiest woman in the world, then that means Joe is superior to Alex. Sounds like a challenge to me. Cat fight! Cat fight!

My money's on the redhead. She may be getting old, but she has The Rage™.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift! Beautiful pic, too :)


Hubman said...

Dammit Joe, you're making the rest of us guys look bad!! What the hell?

You are a pretty lucky woman. And he's a pretty lucky guy to have you!

Britni TheVadgeWig said...


You are very lucky indeed :)

R said...

Jeez, I'm ready to turn for this guy.

Well, not really. But you know what I mean. I hope so, anyway.

Anonymous said...

that is the cutest pic i have ever seen

Barefoot Dreamer said...

I got roses at work once.......sigh.

Kira said...

Grant made me spit out my champagne. That's no good ;) It's ok, Grant--Alex taught April what she could expect out of a man, and that's what made her choose Joe. I'm sorry to disappoint since I'm sure that even though neither of us are Asian, it'd have been a catfight to remember ;)

April, I'm so very happy for you. This is exactly what you deserve! I love getting flowers for no occasion at all, and so I understand the excitement and thrill. Isn't it just awesome when you think it can't get better, and then it does???? We earned it. Time to celebrate :)