Monday, September 28, 2009

I survived

If you've read the post below you know that I had the spawn of the devil spend the night at my house Saturday. I kept my thoughts on the demon to myself. Well, I did share them with Joe, but I made sure not to let Ethan know what I thought. After a few hours of the demon being at our house, Ethan came to me and said, "Is he staying here all night?" Yeah, you know it's bad when your son, who absolutely LOVES playing with other children, doesn't even want the kid around.

I had to take Ethan aside, which was hard because the demon was up his ass, and tell him to be nice even though he didn't want him there. I explained that he is our guest and we need to treat him properly and not like he's the annoying, whining, loud, lying little fucker that he is. Ok, so I didn't say it like that to Ethan, but I sure was thinking it.

He whined because it was raining. Whined because I hadn't thought of anything to do fast enough. Nagged me 10 times in 20 minutes to think of something to do. Whined because the pizza I ordered didn't come fast enough. Nagged me some more by insisting that I hadn't ordered the pizza (which arrived 30 minutes after I ordered it). Whined because he didn't have HIS bowling ball, HIS bowling shoes, HIS bowling ball rag. Whined because Ethan was beating him at bowling. Whined CRIED because the arcade game ate his money and when I gave him more money he put it right back in the game that ate it the first time. He didn't get any more money after that. Asked me 4 times in 20 minutes what we were having for dinner after I told him that I'd figure it out when we got home. Whined some more about the rain. And whined when I told them it was time for bed. Eleven o'clock on Sunday morning couldn't come fast enough. We seriously cheered as they were pulling out of our driveway. NEVER.AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday still managed to be a great day for me. Aside from dealing with the demon, losing in my fantasy league because I listened to Joe and shouldn't have, and getting crazy lost in D.C. and ending up in a neighborhood that I shouldn't have been in, it was still great. Why was it so great? Because not only did my Packers win, but I got to have dinner with Hubman and his adorable son, Darling Boy.

Hubman and DB were visiting D.C. for some "man time" and were kind enough to fit Ethan and I into their busy schedule. Hubman is tall and handsome and provided great conversation. The boys got along right off the bat like they've known each other forever. The only thing that could've made the night better is if Hubman's wife Veronica would've been there. Maybe next time.

Deep Throat of the Day: D.C. isn't D.C. unless you get lost. I'm convinced of it.


Kira said...

Well, I'm glad that some aspects of the weekend made up for the Evil Boy. If you didn't tell the child to shut the fuck up, I think you need some sort of extra special award. I can't STAND whining. Argh!

Hubman said...

I think that you're a saint for putting up with that little fucker!

I'm so glad that meeting us was a bright spot in your day. It really was a pleasure meeting you and your son, April. Next time I'll bring Veronica, I promise!

John and Ann said...

Having once mistaken driven from one of the SE DC to other, I know exactly what you mean about getting lost in the wrong part of DC.