Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grass on the field

Last night the phone rang and the caller-id displayed "Florida" and a phone number that was 407-000-9*** (I forgot the other numbers). I figured it was a telemarketer and I answered to ask to have our number taken off their calling list. A recording said that they're Card Services, calling about my credit card balance and this is their last offer for lowering my interest rate. I needed to press 9 to speak to someone who can lower my interest rate. I pressed 9 to have them take me off their "list".

Dude: "Hello this is Reggie with Card Services. Am I speaking with Joe?"
Me: "No. Could you please take our number off of your calling list?"
Dude: "Is this the ***** residence?"
Me: "Yes it is, but I would still like for you to please have us taken off your list."
Dude: "Ma'am, could you please put an adult on the phone?"
Me: "I am an adult and obviously you know that because you called me ma'am."
Dude: "You're an adult, really? Because it doesn't even sound like there's grass on the field."

And then he hung up. So of course I tried calling the number back to complain and of course it wasn't a working number. Then I looked online to see if I could find out which company this was. There were so many sites with hundreds of complaints about this "Card Services" company. What blows my mind is that no one knows who the hell they are. The best suggestion I got was to file a complaint with the FCC. So that's what I did. Not that it will make a difference, but someone needs to stop these people. You should've read all of these complaints. Some people were having these "Card Services" reps threatening to rape and kill them and their family members. Sure they're probably not going to actually *do* those threats, but it's absolutely unacceptable and horrible!

Completely unrelated: I do not believe that people who work in offices should wear flip flops. Period. I believe that anyone who answers the phone for a company should say their name during the greeting. Period. I believe that the first impression for a doctor's office (or any office for that matter) starts with the initial phone call. Putting the person on hold for any more than a minute or two does not bode well with first impressions. Period.

Anyway, got a call from the doc this morning. Everything came back a-ok. No tumors, hemorrhages, or aneurysms. So that's good. The Radiologist said there was some narrowing of the basilar artery but he thought it was due to a spasm and insignificant. Next step? See a Neurologist. The doctor said in the meantime I'm not to consume excessive amounts of caffeine, no exercising, no sex. WHAT? NO SEX? For 2.5 weeks until I see the Neurologist? (not to mention the fact that I've already gone several days) I'd rather die than not have sex for that long. Ok, so not really. But come on! If there's no tumors, aneurysms or hemorrhaging then why the hell not? She must hate me. Maybe she's not getting laid? Dr. Douche.

Deep Throat of the Day: Joe said my standards are too high for offices. I say they have no standards.


Grant said...

I hope you're not getting caught in the unending hell of medical treatments. "We don't see anything - go to the next person." I did that until I ran out of money and didn't get a single benefit out of it. I discovered what I needed was food and rest and exercise.

I hope the local hospitals don't start threatening people with rape and murder. They're brutal enough as it is.

Maine said...

I'm willing to guess the guy that questioned your field's grass also had on flip flops at the time. And, while you do sound a bit younger than you are on the phone, you don't sound younger than a teenager, so... I'm not sure what he's getting at. Maybe when you called, he should have put an adult on the phone.

Southern Sage said...

Your stuff is gonnz hezl up in before 2.5 weeks is up!

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

This can't be a real company. And wtf with their reps threatening to rape and kill people?

Glad to hear that everything is all clear with the doctor, but 2 1/2 weeks with no sex! Ugh! Though I've gone about a month, and I'm dyiiiing.

the eternal list said...

good luck with your health

i couldn't go one day without a frap, it's the only thing i've got now since i haven't had sex in *** *****

The Soviet said...

we can go sexless together! it's not that hard (that's what she said). sending you happy thoughts.

i effing hate those card services calls. i had one who said, "we have very important information regarding your visa, mastercard, amex OR discover account." and i'm thinking, "uh, yeah, no, you don't."

f1trey said...

uh...yeah ...the NO sex option NOT an option......

Dharma said...

Work in office = no flip-flops is EXACTLY why I work at home.

Not only can I wear my flip-flops to work, but I can work in only my flip-flops, if I want to! ;-)