Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let's make sexy time

I was given the opportunity to review the Wireless Techno Arouser which is a vibrating penis ring. And if you guys have been reading this blog for a while, you know I LOOOVE me some vibrating cock rings that offer clitoral stimulation!

THIS, my friends, is the Wireless Techno Lover. Please note the Wireless part of the title. (YAY for no wires!) It's made of phthalates free TPR silicone/jelly, which means that it should be used with a water based lube. It's also very easy to clean. A little bit of soap (or toy cleaner) and warm water and you're good to go. There's also little nubby things on the top to help with stimulation. (AMEN for nubby things!)

Here is the watch battery and the bullet-like object. It's easy to put these together. You simply put the watch battery into the bullet and screw the top on. The screw top is what makes it turn on and off. Screwed in all the way turns it on. Unscrew it a little and it turns off.

Once you have the vibrating mechanism assembled, you insert it into the hole on the top portion of the back side. Then you place the little plug, as shown next to the toy, into the hole. This protects the vibrating mechanism from any lube or juices getting inside. Because it's encased within the toy, the noise level is very quiet.

As you can see, it's VERY stretchy and should comfortably fit most cocks. Joe had no complaints concerning the fit. He also said that the vibration offered some stimulation for him, too.

What I like the most about this toy over other cock rings that are supposed to offer clitoral stimulation is the size. Most other cock rings only have something small that vibrates and it sits closer to the base of the penis. This, as you can see, has a much larger surface area that sits several inches above the base of the penis. This means that there's less time spent trying to position my clit right on the vibration. I can hop on top and it will hit the toy every time I bring my hips down onto him or vice versa.

OR you can put it on your favorite toy. Whether it's on a toy or on a penis, it's definitely the best cock ring I've ever used because of it's ease to stimulate my clit. I absolutely LOVE my clit being stimulated simultaneously with my G spot.

This is by far the BEST vibrating cock ring I've ever tried. If you want to get one of your own GO HERE NOW. I would also like to thank Eden Fantasys for giving me the opportunity to review this amazing piece of vibrating silicone!


Grant said...

When I said to include pictures, I meant of the device in action (preferably on an Asian schoolgirl). Do it again and get it right this time. :p

Randi said...

A+ for using visuals, April!

Dewey's System said...

Yea . . . what Grant said. Hehe.

Great analysis of the toy. I want one. Well, for the next time I'm with a woman.

Hubman said...

So I guess the whole sex-causing-headaches issue has gone away, huh? ;-)

We've tried a few vibrating cock rings and have been disappointed. Might have to keep this one in mind!

f1trey said...

is your boyfriend coming out of his coma now? hehe :)

f1trey said...

is your boyfriend coming out of his coma now? hehe :)

f1trey said...

is your boyfriend coming out of his coma now? hehe :)

Anonymous said...

That thing looks like the robot from "Lost in Space" I have used vibrating rings before and I always have a Screaming O close by, they are the absolute best, it works everytime and you look cool that you have one, not like that thing. I wouldn't want have to pull that thing out and scare her off. LOL

Ricky B.