Monday, November 02, 2009

Sign of aging

Every morning I listen to a local pop/top 40 radio station. I don't so much listen for the music as I do the morning show, which is hilarious. Sure they play *some* songs I like but for the most part I can't stand the new music.

When I was 10-11 all I wanted for my birthday was a He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper tape (ha, remember THOSE?) from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. I just HAD TO HAVE IT because of the song "Parents Just Don't Understand." My dad refused to buy that "rap shit" for me so I told all of my friends and I ended up getting 4 of them at my party. I didn't need 4 of the same damn tape, but I was happier than shit. That is if shit is happy.

I grew up listening to BIG, BEAUTIFUL voices like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey (pre-whoredom) and Jewel. There were TALENTED artists like Madonna and Michael Jackson. This was good, make that GREAT music. I don't expect there to be other Whitneys or Madonnas out there, but I don't expect the bottom of the barrel to be the most famous music out there either.

Miley Cyrus? Horrible! She makes my ears bleed. Britney Spears? Not only is her life a train wreck but her voice is so nasally and wretched that I want to jab my eardrums with an icepick. Taylor Swift? PUH-LEASE!!!!! None of these bitches would make it to Hollywood if they tried out for American Idol! Then they just play some stupid shit like "Fireflies" by Owl City.

For a while I kept thinking that the quality of music is becoming lower and lower as the digital generation evolves. But then I realized that's not it. I'M GETTING OLD!!!!! Remember growing up and thinking your parents were so out of it because they thought your music was horrible? I'M BECOMING THAT PARENT!

Deep Throat of the Day: The music still sucks.


f1trey said...

ok no..your young..IM OLD...that fucking poker face song is the worst piece of shit ive ever heard....

Hubman said...

We're not getting old and there is still great music out there, it's just increasingly hard to find.

A few years ago I read a column by Stephen King in Entertainment Weekly (yeah, so what about it?) with some of his favorite music of the past year, or something like that. One band he mentioned was Spiderbait. He wrote if Clay Aiken tried to sing like their lead singer, his head would explode. The image of Clay Aiken's head exploding was enough to get me to buy the Spiderbait album. And I was glad I did, it's a great rock 'n roll album and even has a kick ass cover of "Black Betty".

Grant said...

It's all been downhill after Slayer.

KBear said...

britney spears is only in hollywood cause she was in the Mickey Mouse Club..

hotdrwife said...


I heard, "Nightmare on My Street' By DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince the other day. I still know every damn word.

Ah, the memories.

Randi said...

I love you but lay off Britney.
You've been warned.

Another Suburban Mom said...

This is why I listed to 80's heavy stations. I don't need to hear coldplay.

Dewey's System said...

You're only as old as you say you are, or as you feel. So puuleeez stay young, and youthful for all of our sakes. :)

- yes, the music hasn't gotten worse. Completely agree. 80's all the way baby!

Dharma said...

Oh sister, my sister.

Boy, do I hear you. I used to listen to the local pop station simply to catch a hilarious morning show, too. I endured the crappy music because I was such a loyal fan of the morning show.

Then I started working from home, sleeping in later in the mornings and missing the show. I had to change up my routine and listen to it online via podcast.

Wanna know what? I don't have to hear any commercials and no more bad songs. Yippee!!!