Tuesday, March 09, 2010


How do you choose which picture, if any, you use for your background on your phone or computer? I choose mine based on the smile factor. The picture should make me smile every time I open my phone (yes, I still have a flip phone) or see my desktop. I wanted to share with you my background pictures.

For my phone I have:

This was taken one day at a party store. They had a wall full of silly glasses that Ethan and I just had to try on. I couldn't help but take a bunch of pictures with my camera phone of us being goofballs. Of course I had to pick the picture of us making our lips puckered like you see all over the interwebs.

For my desktop at work I have:

This was taken over the summer at a friend's party. I edited the photo at Be Funky which I believe was introduced to me by Hubman.

For my desktop at home I have:

This was taken this past December at Joe's company Christmas party. It's his favorite picture of us and also the one he has for his laptop's background. This night was also the first time I've worn a dress since my wedding in 2003.

What's your background picture? How do you decided which one to use?

Deep Throat of the Day: Am I the only one whose jean cuffs curl up?


~Kenny said...

Wow!Great Pics! Funny until now i always saw you as a Red head. You are stunning.

Anonymous said...

LOL em all. very very pretty of you in the last one!!!!

I just have the kids on mine.

Grant said...

For my blog, I prefer Satanic imagery in the hope that people will not think "this seems like a nice, completely normal guy", leave a comment, and then freak out and generate some amount of Internet drama when I comment on their blogs in return. It doesn't seem to work, but I remain hopeful.

The Big Chicken icon I use is because it is a local landmark, and I comment on some blogs owned by people who are nice but probably don't appreciate images of Satan. Feckin' weirdos.

f1trey said...

perfect! I must admit my junk isnt personalized like this! :( cool!

Hubman said...

On my phone, it's a pic of the kids. At home it's a pic of the kids and Veronica and at work it's a pic of the view from our hotel room in Miami last winter.

Seeing these pics of you, you know who you remind me of? Lindsey Vonn, the uber-hot Olympic skier. 'Cept you're hotter ;-)

Bella said...

Kiddo on mine too. But she must be doing something extremely cute or funny. And you are gawww-gous!!!!

Randi said...

My jean cuffs curl up on my maternity jeans. I hate it.

As for pictures:
Phone - my baby via ultrasound
Work Comp - my drunken husband posing like a centerfold on a pool chair on the top of a hotel in VA
Lap top - an overhead view of us at our wedding because Brad looks like a pimp and I look like I'm tossin' some 'tude over my shoulder like a saucy little minx.
All because they make me smile.

Kira said...

Please remember, we're a geek family. Our two computers have a background that involves Dragon Age on one and Mass Effect on the other (video games). Alex's phone has a hot fudge sunday pic on it (I made that for him, and he was quite excited). My phone has no background pic because I'm lame. Or lazy. Possibly both.

alana said...

I love that first pic! (Plus you are the hotness in that last one.) This isn't something I worry about (cause my cell phone is so basic it just has a plain background and we keep our desktop background plain black) but I do have a hard time deciding what picture to use for my profiles.

KBear said...

Adrien after his "mommy-cut" - he has just pj pants on, and is holding onto the window frame giving me the best dirty look I've seen yet from him

I giggle when I see it!