Sunday, July 25, 2010

Product Review: My Miracle Massager

When I was asked which type of toy I wanted to review next, I asked if I could try a wand/massager type toy. Since I had heard so many women rave about the Hitachi Magic Wand, I figured trying something along the same lines would be exciting. Soon after, My Miracle Massager showed up on my doorstep.

My initial reaction when taking her out of the box was, "WOW! This thing is HUGE like an industrial, but pretty pink and white, power tool." She's definitely not as heavy as a power tool but certainly is powerful.

To use My Miracle Massager, you plug her into an electrical socket. The cord is very long at just over 6 feet, which gives you quite a bit of room to move around. She operates on 2 speeds, low and high, which at first I thought was a little disappointing. But then I actually turned her on and realized that at even the low speed, she was pretty powerful. The high speed was extremely powerful with intense vibrations. So intense that my right hand, which was holding her, became numb. The speed settings are controlled by a switch that is inset into the handle. The switch doesn't get in the way when you're holding it, which is a nice feature.

The body of My Miracle Massager has a slight curve to it, making her ergonomically designed to be held comfortably. Her head is a large, ribbed, pink bulbous design made of a non-porous, phthalate-free plastic which can easily be cleaned with warm water and soap or some isopropyl alcohol. This head is also unique in that it's set on a spring so it's able to slightly rotate and move.

What I didn't like about the head of My Miracle Massager is that it's really, really big. The big head was great for massaging sore body parts, but for clitoral stimulation? Not so much. Don't get me wrong, it did the trick, but it left my entire vagina and inner thighs feeling uncomfortable numbness. Her vibrations were deep and intense and offered a low hum which wasn't loud enough to be heard through a closed door.

All in all, the My Miracle Massager is a versatile, inexpensive toy that I will use often. Want one of your own? Head on over to Eden Fantasys to get your own.
product picture
Massager by California Exotic
Material: Plastic / PVC
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.


Barefoot Dreamer said...

What I think is hilarious is that you have claimed this toy to be a Her. funny!

looks like you have a new back massager

Anonymous said...

I am a lot like your initial reaction.

Just sayin

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Anonymous said...

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E 'vero! Credo che questo sia un concetto molto diverso. Pienamente d'accordo con lei.

Anonymous said...

Condivido pienamente il suo punto di vista. L'idea di un buon supporto.
Assolutamente d'accordo con lei. Ottima idea, condivido.

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