Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Reason #2578 why it's a good idea to learn the English language when moving to the United States of America:

A Spanish speaking gentleman called here yesterday morning and immediately asked the receptionist for someone who speaks Spanish. We do have 2 people here who speak Spanish fluently, however, neither of them were here at the time. The receptionist tries to speak to him and the conversation eventually leads to him setting up an appointment with the Chiropractor. During this conversation it's determined that the man has been in a car accident and is seeking treatment for his injuries.

He arrives today for his appointment. He is handed the necessary paperwork we require from all new patients. He looks at said paperwork and declares that he cannot read it because it's not written in Spanish. One of our employees fluent in Spanish is here so she sits down with him to help him fill out his paperwork.

She spends almost an hour with him, asking him the questions, then writing in his answers. All of these questions have to do with his current medical status and his medical history.

When she's all done with his paperwork, he asks her in Spanish, "When will the estimate be done?" Confused by this, she asks him to elaborate. He replies, "The estimate on my car. How long before you know how much it's going to cost to fix my car?"

Deep Throat of the Day: When I go to Mexico in January, I hope I don't mistakenly go to an auto body shop for a toothache.


Hubman said...

Really? Please tell me that you made this story up...

April said...

Oh, I wish I was making it up! We all had a good laugh about it though.