Friday, October 01, 2010

The long but interesting story

In my last post I wrote that there's a long story pertaining to work which deserved it's own post. Well here's the story....

I was being driven crazy by this woman who had worked here for 18 years. She wasn't driving me crazy from the start, more so over the past 5 or 6 months. She was very nice and I thought she was my friend, which was a big part of the problem, really. Because of those things, her incompetency with work was something I struggled with daily. There were several things that I showed her how to do many, many times which she continually "forgot". There were days when I felt like I was dealing with a fucking trainee when it came to her. She was constantly not doing the things she was supposed to be doing. When she did do them, she'd either do them wrong or take her sweet time doing them. I hated having to ask her every day if she did something I needed from her. Every day she'd say, "Oh I got too busy yesterday. I'll do it today." Well, it still didn't get done and the next day would come, only for me to get the same response as the day before. She was completely unorganized and scatter-brained, which drove us all nuts.

Then there was the drama. OH the drama. This woman had more drama in her life than all the shows on TBS combined. Every day it was something. And the lies! She lied so much to everyone, I don't know how she kept her stories straight. I wasn't the only one irritated with her either. The 2 other women in the office who depended on her for some things also were complaining about her. None of us ever said anything to the doctor but thankfully, he noticed it on his own. He confronted her on 2 different occasions about her lack of performance and neither of those conversations went well. Because of these confrontations with her, she felt that she was under appreciated here and she quit! This was really a blessing for the office because now things around here are so much better and everyone agrees.

Apparently she didn't used to be that way. See, she wasn't getting the attention she needed at home from her husband of 25 years. There was a doctor working here (also in a committed relationship) who started showing her attention and flirting with her. This was a recipe for disaster. They started having an affair. It was supposed to only be sex, but she fell in love and started to get crazy. (Let me make it clear for anyone who misconstrued what I just wrote. Not all women who fall in love get crazy.) Anytime he was having a bad day, she took it personal. If he didn't dote on her one day, her day would be ruined. If he had to cancel one of their nights to be together because his partner made plans, she would get extremely pissed. The minute he'd walk in the door, she'd follow him to his office. They tried to keep it a secret, but it was obvious to anyone with a brain. Shit, even Ethan asked me, "Does she like him?"

This attention and affair changed her. She started dressing much, much more differently than she had been. Short, tight skirts, low-cut shirts, high heels, etc. She started excessively shopping for clothes. In fact, her shopping habit got so bad that she ended up charging close to $10,000* on the company credit card without permission. She did her hair differently, started working out, and started "going out" until midnight or later quite often. I think it's great that she started to feel better about herself and gained some confidence. What's not great is that everything she did, she did to impress the doctor. All she could focus on was him. Her husband and grown daughters started to question her fidelity.

She started to get extremely possessive and jealous. This pushed the doctor away and he started to cancel their "meetings" for one reason or another. Eventually they all together stopped. He also stopped flirting with her and doting over her. This made her completely unstable. Every day at work, all she could think and talk about was him. She was obsessed. When he would leave for lunch, she'd follow him because she insisted he was fucking someone else. She was really convinced of that when she went through his briefcase and found condoms. After her shift was over, she'd call the office a couple times to see what he was up to and how his mood was. Every day she'd cry and complain to us about what an asshole he was. We all tried to talk to her and offer advice, but she didn't want to listen.

Then one day she went to him and said, "Listen, I don't want anything more than sex. Can you just fuck me?" He gave in and the whole thing started over again.

Then the doctor got fired. OH BOY was that a fucking mess. She left work early, went home and got completely shit-faced, then had her daughter bring her to our office and take pictures of the doctors name plate outside the door. Absolutely ridiculous. Now, the doctor didn't get fired because of the obvious affair. He was let go because he didn't want to work the hours he was supposed to work. He was supposed to see patients during certain hours. He, with the help of her, would consistently shorten those hours and see less and less patients. He was not only losing money for the practice but making the receptionists turn away patients who desperately needed to be seen.

After he got fired a new doctor was hired and there was so much tension in the office. She was so fucked up in the head over him not being here anymore and she treated the new doc with a slightly less than warm welcome. Things went from bad to worse when it came to her. Then her daughter announced that she was getting married to some guy she had been talking to online for a couple of months and still hadn't met in person. THEN her mom fell ill and they discovered she had stage 4 cancer.

So when she quit, most of us were relieved. The doctor (and owner) said, "GOOD!" with a big smile on his face. She tried to go out with a big ol' FUCK YOU to the doctor, but that didn't happen at all. Now she's working for the guy she's fucking.

Go figure.

Deep Throat of the Day: Oh to be the fly on the wall when the lies come crashing down.

*The $10,000 she spent on the company credit card was not all for clothes. Only some of it was. She charged her daughter's college tuition to the card and funded a beach vacation for her and her daughter. Because she was spending so much money on clothes and shoes, she didn't have the money to pay for the things she was supposed to pay. She also never told her husband that she didn't have that money and had to charge it to the company card.


Jim McKee said...

What's that old saying... "Truth is stranger than fiction"...

If you INVENTED a story like that, people would say, "No, that's too bizarre, that could NEVER happen!"

Very entertaining!


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