Monday, December 13, 2010


I've come to the conclusion that I cannot regularly post on this blog. So, I'll just post when I think of something to write. I apologize for the inconsistency. Today I'm going to give you a bunch of jibber-jabber.


My grandfather, Coo-Coo Pop-Pop, passed away on November 30th. He was 88 years old and fought a hard fight for a long time. The pain and suffering became unbearable and he determined it was time for him to go. After his last stint in the hospital, he told my grandmother that it was time to call Hospice. He signed the papers later that day and it was set in motion. He went to the Hospice center on the afternoon of Saturday, the 27th. He was surrounded by his family and friends, many of whom stayed there the entire 3 days. Hospice made him comfortable and pain-free. I wasn't able to see him, but I spoke to him on the phone before he passed. He told me that it was time for him to go. He was ready. No fear. He died happy and on his terms.

I admire him so much for so many reasons and even on his death bed, he was the same happy, loving Coo-Coo Pop-Pop I've known my whole life.


Ethan started wrestling the beginning of October. This is the first time he's ever done the sport but he seems to be doing very well. His dad was a 3 time state wrestling champion which Ethan wants to emulate. Yesterday he had his first tournament. I was a little nervous for him because I know how much he wants to be really good. I wanted him to be confident, not arrogant, and prepared for the possibility of losing. His dad told him, "It's ok to lose. Your only goals today are to not get pinned and don't give up." And he did just that.

He had 3 matches. The first match ended in the first round with Ethan pinning the boy. He was SO HAPPY. It was like the pin validated his confidence. The second match was against a boy with 2 years experience and 10 inches taller. We could tell this one would be more of a challenge than the first. Ethan hung in there all three rounds and lost by 5 points. The third match ended like the first; Ethan pinned the boy in the first round.

I'm so proud of him. Not because he won 2 of the 3 matches but because he handled himself appropriately. He never gave up and he showed great sportsmanship.


I didn't get much sleep last night. Around 9:00pm last evening, there was a knock at the door. It was a police officer. Apparently, my neighbor who lives 2 houses down came home to find 2 guys had broken into her house. When she pulled into her driveway, they jumped out of her window, ran to their car and drove off. She lives alone with her dog and we're just thankful that no physical harm was done to her or her dog.

We live in a nice neighborhood and this kind of stuff just doesn't happen. Well, except for last night. Either way, it was a very unsettling feeling. Here we are in our warm, cozy house, with 2 children (Ethan had a friend over) all doing our thing while 2 houses down someone is getting their possessions stolen.

We promptly checked every single window in our house, making sure they were locked. There were 4 of them unlocked. Anyway, all night I tossed and turned, thinking I was hearing noises. When I did fall asleep, I would have nightmares of people breaking into our house. In one nightmare they stole Ethan. I was so shaken by that one that I had to go upstairs and make sure he was still there. Scary stuff, I say!

Deep Throat of the Day: Mondays suck ass!


Jim said...

Sorry about your gr-father, but he went out pretty much the way we all hope to, I think . . . lucid, content, and surrounded by family. Very beautiful man and life . . . thanks for sharing that.

Big congrats to your son . . . and very cool that his dad did it, too, so he can relate to his ups and downs. So are you totally into it now, like a veteran wrestling mom, calling out and yelling when you see something the ref doesn't? :-)

Scary about the break-in. We live in one of those neighborhoods, too . . . very safe, very boring, and we all like it that way. I've always thought that neighbors paying attention to each other's properties is the first line of defense, once everyone has taken basic precautions. Ffx. Cnty. police respond pretty fast, too, if that's who you have.


~Kenny said...

Sorry for your loss hon...

Randi said...

Nice to have you back.

Anonymous said...

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Jim McKee said...

Sorry about your loss.

Please, feel free to jabber whenever you like.