Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Day 19

Thirty Days of Truth
Day 19: What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

Is this a pick one type question or do they want me to answer both? Very weirdly worded, I think. I'll attempt to answer both.

Religion. I do not follow organized religion. While I'm sure not ALL churches are bad, I just feel like there's way too many things wrong with churches. (Can you say Westboro Baptist Church?) I have met entirely too many people who claim to be religious but are the biggest hypocrites I've met.

I do believe there is a higher entity, though. I can't say that it's necessarily the same God that's talked about in the bible, but a higher entity nonetheless.

Politics. Just as fucked up as religion, if not more. I really hate the idea of having 2 main parties. In my opinion, it's hard to subscribe to all the beliefs of one party. I consider myself socially liberal but fiscally conservative. In general, the democratic party is NOT fiscally conservative and the republicans are NOT socially liberal.

This is a problem for me when voting. Do I vote for the candidate who is against abortion but wants to limit government spending? Or the candidate who is for abortion but wants to spend billions of dollars on bailouts and stimulus packages? (these are rhetorical questions and for the most part, hypothetical situations)

I used to go with the candidate who I felt the most passionate about. That usually ended up being the candidate who held the same social beliefs. As I'm getting older and experiencing life, I'm going with the candidates who are more fiscally conservative. Why? Because even though I would LOVE to vote for the person who is going to allow gays to marry and keep abortion legal, I love my bank account and retirement fund even more. Selfish? Definitely. But I feel like those feel-good social issues are ones that I can still support and fight for without a vote.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on religion. I have come to learn that when some people say they are a christian it just means they will fuck you over behind your back. I have seen my so called pastor FIL be nice to people at church then go home and run them in the ground because he did not think they gave enough money at church that day.

Someone once said if you are 18 and not a liberal then you have no heart but if your 40 and not a conservative then you have no brain. I do think we need a third party that can get on the ballot and not be some nut case in his or her beliefs.

Grant said...

I generally think of religion as the dirtier business (not religious beliefs, but the groups that want to organize and control them). People have a healthy skepticism towards politics and know that it's a buyer beware situation. Religion, on the other hand, claims that it does what it does in the name of god, which means that shooting abortion doctors and picketing funerals is a perfect good.

Chapter Two said...

these are fun!