Friday, February 25, 2011

Insecure much?

The other morning I was listening to the radio while getting ready for work. A man had called in saying that his wife was mad at him because he's been hiding pieces of her matching lingerie. Apparently the wife likes to wear a matching bra and panty set every day. The husband doesn't like this. He believes that if she goes to work feeling sexy, that she'll be more inclined to cheat. Therefore, he's been taking either the bras or the panties of the matching sets, leaving her with no matching sets.

My ex used to think that if I shaved my vagina before going out with my friends, that I was doing it for other men. I had to inform him that I shave my vagina for ME. I don't shave it for him or any other man, not to mention that I've been shaving long before I met him.

I feel like the guy on the radio and my ex both sound like insecure assholes. You have to trust your significant other. During my entire marriage, trust never existed. Don't get me wrong, that went both ways. I didn't trust him as far as I could throw him. However, I never accused him of getting ready to cheat when he did his manscaping. I never sniffed his underwear for the scent of pussy when he came home from being out all night with his friends. I never made him send me pictures of where he was when he called to tell me he was stuck in traffic. Those are all things he did to me. Crazy, right? Now you know one of the reasons I'm divorced.

But anyway, I'm curious to know what you guys think. Do you think that a woman wearing a matching bra and underwear will be more inclined to cheat?

Deep Throat of the Day: Insecurity is so unbecoming.


alana said...

I agree. If a person is going to cheat I doubt unmatched panty sets or a little hair would get in the way.

Grant said...

This post is about me, isn't it? You're cheating on me! Come to think of it, we haven't had sex in forever. Plus you keep mentioning this Joe guy. I'm getting suspicious. :p

Needing a matching bra and panties only makes me think of the way I won't put a shirt on a similarly colored hanger. It's cute, and nothing more.

This reminds me of a conversation I heard between random soldiers at Fort Hood. Some guys were talking about the rules for their gf, how she can't have male friends and has to prove she's not actively touching a penis when she's out of sight. Then another soldier approached and said trust is essential and that he believes everything his wife tells him. I was on board until I discovered his wife was the accountant at a local strip club and was well known for being an easy lay if you were willing to buy her drinks. Basically she quickly does the books, sits in the club for the evening, then goes home with the guy who got her drunk and reappears at her husband's house early the next morning and insists NOTHING HAPPENED - WE'RE JUST FRIENDS, what'shisname and I. Then when he left the original guy exclaimed "He's lucky he walked away when he did, 'cause I was fixing to kick his ass!" I don't think I took any relationship hints away from that situation.

Anonymous said...

This is not a good post for me to comment on. However her shaving or wearing sexy cloths did not make me think she was cheating. Driving to another town and parking in a Doctors parking lot for her "friend" to pick her up did the trick for me, along with various other things. I have done some things I am not proud of in the process of finding out what was going on. But once the trust is gone I don't think it can ever be gotten back and these types of things will continue.

Jim said...

I'm with Alana . . . it's not the clothes that make the cheater, and hubby's rationale sounds like an old wives tale kind of thing.

No, I've always believed that you should wear nice underwear in case you get into a car wreck, and they have to cut your clothes off at the hospital :-)


Joker_SATX said...

Both my past marriages ended in divorce because my (now ex wives) cheated.

To be honest, I really didn't care if they wanted to have sex with any other guys...I am the type of guy who would actually film it! What hurt was the fact that during the whole infidelity thing they looked me straight in the eye and told me there was no one else.

So if anyone really has a right to be insecure about women in relationships, it should be me.

I am married now a third time. The wife and I have spoken often about what constitutes cheating. And she has told me that if she does, she knows she will go with guys who have 7 inches or more because anything less would hurt my feelings!

I think those dudes are seriously insecure and don't know who they were(are) having relationships with. They are looking at mirror images of themselves and that is what they are afraid of....

f1trey said...

agreed on that shit!!!!!!! i hate that stuff......

Chapter Two said...

that type of behavior is what drives a faithful wife away. if she truly is not cheating nor thinking about it she will start being frustrated and it will go downhill from there- as you pointed out.

matching underwear will NOT a cheater make. ohhhhno. that is the theory I tried to use with wearing bad underwear to the bar in college so I wouldn't go home with a guy but by the end of the night drunk and horny the underwear no longer mattered to me (of course this example was a single college girl, not married woman)

I hate lack of trust that comes frm nowhere- I live with it and it leaves me thinking "if I am going to be blamed for it, I may as well be doing it "

Sassy said...

I happen to have an obsession with matching panties and bras. I wear them because I like them and they make me feel sexy. I do it for myself. I also like to wear sexy stuff and know that it's under my clothes and no one can see it! It doesn't mean I'm going out to whore myself. Same deal when I shave the girly bits. Luckily my husband never accuses me of this. Besides, like others have said, if I was going out to cheat,mismatched sexy underwear wouldn't stop just ends up on the floor anyway!

Randi said...

My husband and I hardly live in the same city and I have NEVER ONCE even entertained the thought of him cheating.

As for the radio douche and your ex? Holy Hellfire. That's fucking horrifying.