Thursday, February 03, 2011


Joe and I went to Cancun a couple weeks ago for a destination wedding. The resort we stayed at, Azul Beach Hotel, was on the smaller side. It's a family friendly, all inclusive resort about 20 minutes from the Cancun airport. And it was absolutely gorgeous. The resort, the beach, the restaurants, the service, the food, EVERYTHING was just awesome.

What I really liked about this place is that I never felt like it was crowded. Even with 3 weddings going on that weekend, there was a lot of breathing room. Most of the staff were friendly and eager to help. For the most part, their English wasn't too bad. I can understand more Spanish than I can speak, but I was still able to communicate with even the poorest English speakers. I am now a professional in Spanglish.

As you can see from this picture, the beach was lined with these little huts. Each hut was basically a covered bed with sheer curtains. Our room was behind that last, big palm tree on the right. Every morning we'd go out on the balcony and just sit in peace. It was so relaxing.

Excuse the mess in the background of this picture. I took it right after we got home so our shit was everywhere. Anyway, each day a woman had a table set up on the beach, full of ceramics you could paint. I painted 2 things. The first was a pretty picture frame. That turned out so well that I had to paint something for my mom. I painted her this beautiful candle-shiner-through thingy. On the back side of it there's a larger opening where you can put a tea light or small candle. The light shines through the top and the holes of the flowers. Very pretty.

While the wedding was beautiful, it was a tad tedious. Even the bride was a little disappointed by it. Apparently to get married in Mexico, the bride and groom have to sign and thumb print 3 different pieces of paper. Then 2 witnesses for the bride and 2 witnesses for the groom had to come up and also sign those 3 papers. So during the ceremony, we had to watch 18 different signatures being signed and 6 thumb prints. She knew that all of that was required, she just didn't know it would be DURING the ceremony. However, it was still beautiful and they're officially married.

Here's a few pictures of us. These 2 are in the hallway that breaks off of the main lobby, which was gorgeous.

Don't mind Joe looking like a pimp with his half unbuttoned white shirt and hairy chest. He'd been drinking all day and really wanted to go shirtless. I told him that since we were going to dinner and the bar, it would be best to wear a shirt. He had had it completely unbuttoned but some of the guys made fun of him. I think he looks sexy regardless.

I guess when you get married in Mexico, they think balloons are appropriate. We were a little confused when they brought them out because after all, we were at a wedding, not a kids birthday party. But as you can see, we still made good use of them!

The only thing that sucked about the trip was that we were there for the NFC championship game. And the wedding started an hour before the game. Who does that? How inconsiderate! Anyway, I was so worried that they wouldn't have the game available to watch. But they did, complete with Spanish commentary! It was definitely more fun watching my Packers kick some ass in Spanish.

All in all, I had an amazing time. It was a nice, warm, relaxing break from home. If I ever go back to Mexico, I would definitely go during a winter month and I would definitely go back to Azul Beach Hotel. It just sucks that we came back to snow and ice.


Jim McKee said...

In Scotland, you have to apply ahead of time, and receive approval, to be married if you are not a resident. Plus, it's a special kind of visa you have to apply for. Some of the many reasons we did NOT get married in Scotland (although I bet I'd look good in a kilt, LOL).

Randi said...

Looks amazing! And you two make a great looking couple.

f1trey said...

oh im envious!!!!!!!!!!

April said...

Jim: Well I'm betting that Scotland wouldn't have been as beautiful as Mexico was in January, so I'm glad we didn't go there. =)

Randi: It was amazing. And thanks! I'm quite fond of him.

Trey: I bet. Shit, I'm envious of myself!

Hubman said...

Oh wow, I'd love a Mexican getaway in the middle of the winter. And it's nice to see you, you're looking as good as ever!

Joker_SATX said...

This looked AWESOME! I am curious however to know if this was an isolated villa as many reports coming back from people that visit Mexico is that Americans are taking their life in their own hands....

April said...

Joker: It wasn't completely isolated as there were a string of resorts down the beach. However, the resort was gated. As a matter of fact, to even get on the road that leads the resorts, you had to go through a gated security check.

I never felt scared there. Not even when we ventured off the resort to the main shopping area of Cancun.