Monday, April 25, 2011

A Rabbi walks in to a bar with 2 naive girls....


I can't seem to focus on things, even when I want to. I keep telling myself that tomorrow at work I'll focus and get things done, but then tomorrow seems to be the same as yesterday. This has caused a shit ton of work piled up on my desk that I just look at. I know I need to do it, but I can't motivate myself to get it done. Ugh.

Ethan is growing up right in front of my eyes. It's something that I hadn't ever noticed until now. I mean, sure, you know they're getting older and you can see the changes in them, but this is different. He's starting to look completely different. He's almost as tall as me. His little gut and round cheeks are gone. He's this slender, handsome young man and it blows my mind. Every day I'm just amazed with how much older he looks. Sometimes it makes me sad, because no parent ever really wants their kids to grow up. But we certainly can't stop the inevitable.

The woman from this post? The one I worked with who drove me crazy, was fucking the doctor who got fired then quit here to go work for him? Yeah, she got fired from his office. Why? Because she didn't do what she was supposed to do. I hate to revel, but she thought she did SO MUCH here and that the doctor was an idiot for saying she wasn't doing her work. I'm sure instead of seeing this as a sign that she was in the wrong, she's blaming everyone else, just like she did here. Oh well....that Karma, she'll get ya every time.

Buying shoes in not fun for me. Because of my prosthetic, I can only wear shoes with a 1-1.5 inch heel height. You'd think this wouldn't be a problem because there's a lot of shoes made with that size heel, right? Well, yeah, but the heel also has to be that somewhat hard rubber. You know the kind that will leave black skid marks on hardwood floors? That kind. The wood or hard plastic heels just don't work for me. Oh and it has to be a chunky heel, too. I can't have anything too skinny or else I'll fall and die. And lets not forget cute. I can't be wearing those ugly ass shoes that look like they're made for geriatric women.

This makes buying shoes a task. A task that makes me cry sometimes, really. I try to not get so upset about it when I see these awesome shoes on other women or in store windows. I try to remember that at least I'm alive. I could have died in that car accident. I try to remember that I'm fortunate enough to be able to buy a pair of shoes (if I could find a fucking pair that worked). I try to think that if the only thing that upsets me about having my leg cut off is not being able to easily find a cute pair of shoes that work, then I'm doing OK.

BUT FUCK! Why can't it just be easy to find a fucking pair of shoes!!! When I do find a pair that I like, I can't find them again when I need a new pair. I'll spend HOURS looking online to find a pair of fucking shoes. And it's fucking depressing.

My little sisters are so naive. I don't know where they got this from. My mom and stepdad are not that way. I thought it was because of their ages, 20 & 19, but I've met a lot of other people their ages who weren't as naive as them. Maybe it's because they grew up in a small town? I don't know. All I know is that I worry for them often because of their naivety.

Gas prices are fucking ridiculous, if you hadn't noticed. Remember the last time they got this high? It was all over the news, every day. On the DC news, every morning they would tell you which gas stations had the lowest prices. They were out at gas stations, interviewing people filling up their tanks. This was an every day thing, no exaggeration. But now? Now I only hear about it via people bitching on Facebook. Why isn't it on the news now like it was then?

Also in the DC news this morning they were talking about this special election for a DC counsel member. The election will be on Tuesday, which just happens to be Passover. A Rabbi of The National Synagogue sued the DC board of elections, wanting the date to be changed, and lost. He lost because of the options of absentee and early voting. But what gets me about this story is that the DC counsel opened on Easter Sunday to accept absentee ballots because the Jewish voters said they couldn't make it on Saturday to cast their ballots either.

Now, I have absolutely nothing against Jewish people at all. But I feel that it's unfair to have people of the Christian faith working on Easter Sunday because people of the Jewish faith couldn't vote on their holiday. How is that right?

I hope everyone had a great weekend and holiday. I'm going to TRY to get some work done.


Deep Throat of the Day: Focus...I can do this. Yeah right. Maybe tomorrow.......


Joker_SATX said...

Well at least you have some good semblance of thoughts down. Yeah, I can see where Shoe shopping would suck, I am sorry to hear about that.

And the kids grow like weeds don't they?

Anonymous said...

I think it has to do with where they grow up.

They grow up fast. The wife took pictures of the kids on the beach this past weekend dressed up. The youngest looks about 17 and she is only 13. You really do not notice it until you see them in pictures.

Jennifer said...

I don't have much luck with shoe shopping because of some other food-related issues. I see all these cute shoes, and none of them end up on my foot. Suckfest!