Monday, April 11, 2011


Yesterday I volunteered with a dog rescue for the first time. I was really excited to volunteer and was willing to help in any way I could. This particular rescue is for large breed dogs. We set camp outside of a small pet store where I was a Dog Handler. A few of us were assigned to the puppy pens and the rest got to have their own dog. The dog I was assigned to was named Simba.

Simba was a mixed breed. Maybe some Chow, Border Collie, Lab...who knows. All I know is that this guy was the most relaxed dog I've ever seen. Oh and did I mention he was only 2? He just strutted around, minding his own business. He did well on the leash, making sure to not drag me along, and he made friends with all of the people and other dogs. One family was really interested in him because of his temperament. I hope they decide to adopt him.

When the day was over, they needed someone to do a home visit to make sure that this house was acceptable for a new puppy. Since I didn't have anywhere to be, I volunteered to go. I had remembered the couple from the event. They seemed very pleasant and their house was deemed fit for a puppy. Daphne, their 2 y/o Lab, was a sweetie. They were trying to bring the puppy in as a playmate for Daphne.

I had brought the puppy, Tanya, with me knowing that they'd probably be approved. When I was done with the inspection and the contract was signed, we brought Tanya out to meet Daphne. It was quite comical to watch Daphne. She was afraid of this little tiny puppy. We all had a laugh and figured Daphne would need some time to get used to Tanya. That was around 3:30pm.

Around 8:30pm, my cell phone rang. It was her, the woman who had adopted Tanya. She told me that it's just not going to work between Daphne and Tanya and she'd like to give Tanya back. WHAT? In 5 hours she decided it wasn't going to work? I stayed calm and nice, of course. I explained to her that it's only been 5 hours and that she should just give it a little bit of time for Daphne to get used to Tanya. That's when she told me that she's already adopted 2 other dogs previously and had to give them back as well. So she just knows that it's not going to work. All because she doesn't give it enough time for her dog to adjust to other dogs. Fucking ridiculous!

Even with that, I still found my volunteering experience to be rewarding. There are so many awesome dogs out there who need a good home. If I can be apart of that in even a small way, I'm happy to do so.

Deep Throat of the Day: Some people are just idiots.


Anonymous said...

wow 5 hrs. Labs are bad anyway they are like a 5 yr old on speed.
It takes a week to get use to sleeping on a new pillow.

Joker_SATX said...

I am with you being just as confused as you probably were.

But then again, it's not surprising because today, people have the attention span of a gnat.

She probably wanted instant gratification.