Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just say it!

Today I read this post by ASM. She quoted a paragraph by Ned Hardy which made me think about something.

A couple Sundays ago, Joe, Ethan and I were walking into the grocery store. There was an older black woman walking past me and she caught my eye. She looked lovely in what I assumed was her church attire. It wasn't an outfit I would ever wear, but it looked amazing on her. The colors were perfect on her. So without even thinking, I leaned in her direction and said, "I love your outfit. It looks great on you." She smiled and said, "Oh thank you." Joe said to me, "I bet you just made her day."

Part of that Ned Hardy paragraph said, "Make someone's day." The rest of the paragraph was awesome, but this one line just stuck out to me. Why? I don't know. But I think it's spot on. I think we should all try, in even the smallest way, to make someone's day. Even if it's a random stranger with a nice shirt or boots or hair style. I think with all of the animosity out there among women, it wouldn't hurt if you're a woman and tried complimenting a random woman you see while you're out.

Don't we all think these things anyway? I mean, when you're out and about and you see something on someone that you like, don't you think it? "Oh those boots are awesome!" or "I really like her make up." Whatever it may be, we all think those things, just as we think the opposite, "She has no business wearing jeans that are 4 sizes too small for her." or "Someone needs to tell that dude that short shorts went out in the 70's." Of course you shouldn't say the negative things, because that defeats the purpose. But the positive? Let the person know. You don't have to sit and have a conversation, just say it in passing, with a smile on your face.

Those little gestures go a long way.

I hope I did make that lady's day. I hope that she continued to walk out of that grocery store with a smile on her face. I hope that who ever reads this decides to give a random stranger a compliment today.

Deep Throat of the Day: 32 days until I'm a married woman!


ChopperPapa said...

Nice post, I often struggle with this especially when it comes to other women. I think, to often, they are programed to equate that compliment with some form of cheesy come-on.

April said...

CP, I can imagine how some women would take your compliment as a cheesy come-on. But you don't have to compliment just a woman, you can say it to a man. I think the key to not making someone feel creepy is if you just say it in passing. Don't stop and say it, just pause, say it and keep on moving. This way they know your intentions were nothing more than giving a compliment.

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

People do not do that very often. Some people take more pride in putting people down than doing something nice.

f1trey said...

cool idea......:) been thinkin aling the lines of give away kindness

Ashly Star said...

Great post. :)

April said...

Joe: You're absolutely right, which is why I wrote this. For some reason, it seems to be easier for some people to be hateful than to be nice. I wish it weren't like that.

Trey: You give away that kindness!

Ashly: Thanks girl!

Kira said...

Why did I read "boots" as "boobs"??? Never mind. Please don't answer that ;)

My problem is that I don't often notice either the typical flattering nor negative female notes upon a person. I'm not very good at fashion. Ok, that's polite. I SUCK at fashion related things. If I want to look good, I ask my sister's advice (she's awesome at that stuff!). Therefore, it has to be really, really awful before I notice it looks bad (think 400 lb woman in spandex or somesuch). Or really outstanding if I notice it, too.

Now, that being said, if I actually notice somebody looking good, I always say something to them. But...I only notice that maybe twice a year :P And I think I've only said compliments to women, too. I mean, for random strangers that is. The last one I said something to was a woman with just perfect nails...length, polish, whatever. I can't do that because I use my hands so much every day (esp with nonstop cooking) that I never mess with polish on my nails. I only do pedicures. So I made sure to tell her that her nails were gorgeous because gosh, well, they were. And I noticed it I think because mine never can look like that.

Side note: if I ever get compliments, it's on my hair. I'd just be too entertained if somebody, anybody, came up and said to me, "Man, your tits--amazing! Gorgeous! Congrats!" and walked off. That'd be novel and funny at the same time.

Randi said...

I am always complimenting random women and sometimes wonder if I'm making their day or scaring the shit out of them. Hahaha

the late phoenix said...

deep throat of the day, yep, lovin' this blog!

we all need to make someone's day, or there won't be any more days left

happy married life :)