Friday, June 17, 2011

Dudes be hatin'

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm really, really excited and am looking forward to it being over with. I've realized how wonderful my friends really are by this process.** They have just stepped up to the plate and have helped us in any way they can. While I've only needed help with a few little things, it just means the world to me that they not only offered, but when asked, they came through.

One friend threw a bachelorette party for me, which wasn't planned or asked for. Joe and I are not having a wedding party. It's just me, him and Ethan. Usually the bridal party will throw the bachelorette party. Because I don't have a bridal party, and because this is my second wedding, I didn't even consider the possibility of having a bachelorette party. We had a blast, as you can tell from my drunken picture. And as you can tell from the picture, they had me decked out in a bunch of crazy bachelorette party fun stuff! Joe went out on Friday for his bachelor party and seemed to have an equally good time.

Then, the girls at work threw me a surprise bridal shower, complete with homemade cheesecake and sexy lingerie!

But this post isn't about that. I wanted to talk about why men try to discourage other men from getting married. Women don't do this unless they feel the guy you're marrying is an asshole. Even then, it's not about marriage, it's about the guy. Joe has had countless friends telling him all kinds of things that could potentially scare a man away from marriage. Everything from, "You'll never get to fuck anyone else again" to "Women change after you marry them. You think everything's all great now, but then once you marry them, their true colors shine through. Then you're stuck."

Why do men do this to other men? Is there any truth behind the things they say?

Thankfully, he just smiles and thinks to himself, "These guys don't know the relationship April and I have." (or something along those lines)

But I'm curious, does anyone know why guys do this?

Deep Throat of the Day: Pray I can get some sleep tonight.

**I do not measure friendship by what people do for me. After reading this, I realized that it could come across that way. Long ago, I wrote about how hard it's been for me to find good, solid friends since I moved to VA. I care deeply for these women and I truly consider them my friends. Their help didn't solidify their friendship, it just proved to me that I wasn't wrong about them.


Anonymous said...

I think to a certain extend that may be true. If the couple marry young both the man and woman will change over time but the key is that they change in a way that benefits both. The problem's happen when one changes into some thing that is completely different from who you married. I don't think you and Joe will have those problems. Y'all are not very young (not old by the way just not young) You have been married before and know what was done wrong in the past.

Also I think some guys have an over inflated ego. They think that if they were single every girl would want them. When they should be happy someone is having sex with them.

Anonymous said...

Oh and that picture is funny as hell you look like a wax figure.

Jim McKee said...

My wife and I are coming up on our first anniversary, and besides my son, she is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am the happiest I've ever been in my life (even though it took me 2 failed marriages to find the right person, and even though she was hiding on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean!!!).

Jim McKee said...
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April said...

Joe: I think you bring up some valid points. And yeah, that picture cracks me up! I don't even remember taking it.

Jim: CONGRATS! I wish you many, many more years of happiness with your wife.

Randi said...

Yay for fun friends that spoil brides to be!
Guys think with their dicks. That's all.

Hubman said...

I only joke about "don't do it!", as you know I've been very happily married for 17+ years.

My heartfelt congratulations to you and Joe!

Kira said...

I can't wait until Grant posts on this one. He has a friend who probably is THE guy who sends out the "don't do it!!!" warnings via bulk mail to every man getting married. But in his case, it's because it's what happened with him. He married outside of his species. And really, that's the problem. A marriage can be hell for either a guy or a girl if one of them is blinded by stupidity and marries outside of his or her species. Stick with humans and it'll be ok is sort of my motto ;) And I say this as somebody who violated the rule the first time only to find supreme happiness the second! Hope everything went just as you wanted on your wedding day! I really think you guys will have a great, long, beautiful, and fun life together :)

~DokterKenny said...

Crabs in a barrel

"When harvesting crab, the crab as a group will pull down any crab that starts to climb out of the barrel in an attempt to be the first out of the barrel that holds them in."

SexToyRick said...

Im sure there were lots of sex toys there :) Kudos :)