Monday, June 20, 2011

Growing like a weed

Well, the wedding went off without any glitches. The weather was rain-free, though terribly humid, for the entire outdoor ceremony. Everyone who said they were coming, came, except 1 person. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was spectacular, drinks flowed freely, everyone was smiling, dancing and having a blast! The night couldn't have been more perfect.

If you're my friend on Facebook, you may have already seen some of the pictures my friends have posted. If not, I promise I'll get some up shortly.

I didn't want to write about my wedding though. I wanted to write about Ethan. He'll be 13 in just a few short weeks on the 7th of next month. THIRTEEN! He's gone from this short, stocky, round-faced boy to this tall, slender, extremely handsome young man. I am so amazed when I look at him. I know I wrote about this in a paragraph several posts back, but I just am still blown away by him.

He looked so, so grown up in his tuxedo. All night I just smiled so big when I saw him because I couldn't get over how mature he looked. It helped that he had his hair cut a lot shorter than he had had it. I know I'm his mom and I'm supposed to be saying these things, but still, just look at him!

He also was the hit of the wedding. He and the guy I cut out of this picture decided they were going to have a breakdancing dance-off. They were going back and forth, everyone standing around cheering. They were both doing equally well when Ethan busted out with 5-6 pin drops in a row. The crowd just started going crazy! That's when the guy said, "Oh damn! I just got owned by a 12 y/o!"

I cannot tell you how many people came up to me and started talking about how great Ethan is. And it felt so good to hear it. I'm always hoping that he'll be the good person I'm trying to teach him to be. Then to have someone say, "Ethan is such a sweet kid! He offered to get me some more potatoes when I said I wanted more", just makes my heart smile.

I want him to be a kind, giving, loving, thoughtful, intelligent person, among many other things. To know that he's exhibiting these things makes me feel like I'm doing something right.

I look at him in awe. How did I get so lucky?

Deep Throat of the Day: He's still my Boogie Woogie, no matter how big he gets!


~DokterKenny said...

A) Glad to hear the wedding went well. I am sure you looked amazing! Still there is a little part of me that will miss a videotaped bridezilla moment from you! :-)

B) Umm why aren't we FB friends...personal policy? or just scared of me...btw I totally dont blame you I am batshitcrazy!

c) You are so in trouble with that boy..You might as well get him a boxof condoms right now ...oh and put garlica nd lambs blood outside your door..Tramps totally hate those things! :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad you did not kill anyone and it went well.

It is not luck it is a reflection of his mother.

KittyCat said...

New here. I too have a teen. But mine is now
16 and driving. No more cuddling and respect .
Now full on smartass.
I sooo miss my little boy who thought I was
Enjoy it. Cause it changes over night when
you least expect it.

Randi said...

He really is a fine looking young man!

fyrchk said...

OMG! What happened to that cutie patootie little boy who used to hang out with me at work? Where did this handsome young man come from?!?! Even as a wee little boy he was respectful and sweet. You've done good, girl! xoxo

hotdrwife said...

What a handsome devil!