Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Some people

I don't mean to write about our wedding again, but it's the biggest event happening in my life right now. So, you're going to have to read about it. (Unless you decide not to, of course.)

Some people piss me the fuck off! We sent out the invitations with the RSVP cards and envelopes already stamped and addressed. All people had to do was write their name and how many people are coming or if they declined; stick that bitch in their mailbox and poof, done! Easy, right? Apparently not for HALF of the people we've invited. That's right, fucking HALF!

I had to meet with the lady at the reception location to pay her and give her a head count last Thursday. The deadline on the RSVP was the previous Monday. People had close to a month to write their names and return the RSVP. Here we were, the night before having to meet with the lady, emailing, texting and calling people to see if they're coming. We didn't want to bug people like that or put them on the spot, but FUCK! Just send back the damn RSVP! I don't care if you can't make it. I understand that you have a life and other plans. It's perfectly OK. Just LET A BITCH KNOW!

Wedding receptions usually are NOT cheap, especially when you have to pay per person. It's nice to be as close to the exact amount as possible. You cannot give a "maybe" or an "I don't know" as part of your head count. You cannot do a seating chart for people when you don't know if they're going to be there or not. Maybe we should just leave them out and when they get there say, "Hmmmm, maybe I can find somewhere you to fucking sit, maybe I can find you something to fucking eat, and maybe I can get you something to fucking drink, asshole." Sure, things will come up for some people and they might not make it. I'm a pretty understanding person. However, I do not understand the sheer laziness of not sending back an RSVP, especially when they've had a month to get it returned.

And then there's Joe's sister....she has 3 boys and pretty much the day she got the invitation she said that only she could go because her husband would have to stay home and watch the kids. Her kids are not infants and have been babysat by people before. Yet, she didn't even TRY to find a sitter, even though her husband would like to see his brother-in-law get married, too. It's one thing if an effort was made and she couldn't find anyone. It's another thing to not even try.

Joe's other sister is really pissed at her for making her husband stay home. Joe's dad said that she's gotten people to watch their kids before. So why is this time different? I feel that she thinks that her children are Joe's nephews and they should be allowed to come, regardless of it being for adults only. Supposedly, they REALLY wanted to come to the wedding and were upset when she told them they couldn't. Whatthefuckever! They are kids and they are not able or invited to go everywhere. That's a lesson in life that they need to be taught. I know they're not my kids and she can do what she wants with them, but I still think she's being fucking ridiculous. If I were her husband, I'd get a sitter while she was at the wedding and go to a strip club and have big, fat titties rubbed all over my face all night long. What kills me THE MOST about this sister is that her wedding reception was adults only also.

Then, a friend of ours is supposed to be marrying us. He didn't return any phone calls or contact us for almost a month. He finally called on Friday and asked for me to call his wife to set up a time for us to have dinner and go over what we'd like him to say during the wedding. I've called the wife and of course, had to leave a message. And of course, she hasn't called me back. Need I mention that it's only SEVENTEEN DAYS before our wedding. SEVENTEEN FUCKING DAYS! Oh and they also haven't returned their fucking RSVP.

Then there's the people who were all, "OMG I CAN'T WAIT TO COME TO YOUR WEDDING!" a ton of times. They also haven't returned their RSVP's and when called they said, "Ohhhhh, I don't think I'm going to be able to make it." Like they didn't know about this and the date for almost 6 months now.

People are fucking assholes and all of the shit above is one of the many 5,457 reasons why I would have liked to get hitched in Vegas. Planning a wedding fucking sucks because you have to depend on other people. And people are inconsiderate fucking assholes sometimes.

Deep Throat of the Day: I refuse to become a bridezilla, which is why I just vented here and not on Facebook. Sorry for the use of "fuck" so many times. I'm just a little irritated, can ya tell?


Anonymous said...

lmfao, your right. This wedding better hurry up or your going to snap or have a melt down.

Randi said...


~DokterKenny said...

Ok can i just say I know your wedding will be fantastic and you will cry like a bitch. If you had invited me I'd seriously made an effort! :-)

Still setting all that aside if you do finally melt down and actually stab someone in your wedding dress is it wrong that I pray it will end up on youtube or live leak?

April said...

Joe: I think I can handle it for 17 more days...I THINK so anyway. =)

Randi: I am scheduling an appointment tomorrow.

Kenny: I probably will cry like a bitch and it will be fantastic. But that doesn't make the fact that people are fucking assholes any easier. Especially when those people are our friends. IF I have a melt down and it's on video, I promise to personally email you a copy of it. ;-)

alana said...

People suck. I can't even imagine having to deal with people so more power to you. Good luck! Seventeen days! I'm excited for you. :)

~DokterKenny said...

lol..awesome...and thank you, and let me just say now if that wedding assault involves your prosthetic foot I will throw in 100.00 towards your honeymoon fund!! :-D

breathe in ...breathe out...the people who really count will be there with bells on hon. I promise!

hotdrwife said...

I felt SO BADLY the other day - I realized I'd not RSVP's to a wedding we'd planned on attending THIS Saturday. It got lost in the shuffle of my life. GOD. So not me!!

I can't wait to see pictures from your wedding - I bet you will be super gorgeous bride! xo

April said...

Alana: Thanks for your excitement. I'm getting to the excited point, that's for sure.

Kenny: If it gets the point where I have to beat someone with my prosthetic....well, that might be something for Jerry Springer.

HDW: I fully expected to have a few people forget to send their RSVP's. Shit happens. We get busy, forget, life happens, etc. But HALF of the people? That's a lot. And too many when you're having to pay for those people to come and need to give numbers. I wish we just had the money to blow on people by just assuming they're coming.

hotdrwife said...

Yeah, I know - that IS a lot. I would be freaking out! And saying the F bomb a lot!!!