Friday, July 22, 2011

Embarrassing to say the least

Growing up, I was a tomboy. I preferred G.I. Joe to Barbie and I NEVER wore dresses or skirts. In middle school I started to attempt to be more "girlie" because I was becoming interested in boys for more than just playing sports with them. So when we had this big awards ceremony coming up, I decided I would go all out and wear a skirt.

My dad was so excited when I told him I needed to get a nice dress or skirt that he had no problem with taking me shopping. I found a very cute light blue and white striped matching skirt and top set. I completed the look with white pantyhose and white Sam & Libby's. I was so stylin'!

My change of attire was very surprising to my peers. Everyone was making comments. The boys, of course, were teasing me and the girls were complimenting me. Regardless, I felt completely out of my comfort zone. I made a quick run to the bathroom before the ceremony actually started to make sure I didn't look like the giant goofball I felt like, and to pee. Those ceremonies can be long, ya know?

I sat down in the dark auditorium just in time for the start. A couple of the teachers talked and then one by one I watched as my friends were called up to receive their award. They walked up the stairs to the stage and were handed their award as they shook the principal's hand. Then it was my turn.

I had been no stranger to the stage, as I was in the thespians club and had done many plays and monologues. Yet, I was very uncomfortable. I know that it was the outfit causing my vexation. But I walked with my head held high and tried to remain confident.

I started up the stairs, almost reaching the stage, when my shoe fell off. I turned around and picked up my shoe. The crowd was laughing. Still with my shoe in hand, I started walking across the stage when BAM, I tripped over one of the speaker cords and fell down. The crowd giggled even louder. If you thought I was embarrassed then, wait to you hear what happened next...

I picked myself up from the stage, trying to just laugh it off, and managed to successfully make it to the principal to receive my reward. As he handed it to me and I shook his hand, one of the female teachers who was sitting on the stage came over and said, "Your skirt is tucked into your tights." WHAT THE FUCK?

Yeah, the whole time the back of my skirt was tucked into my tights, exposing my underwear covered ass. The laughter wasn't just because I lost my shoe and tripped over the cord. No, no, those were mere side effects. The teacher turned my back to her and she pulled out the skirt, right on the center stage. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. For that brief moment, I don't think I heard a single sound. It was as if everyone there was just quiet, with all eyes on me.

I quickly walked off the stage, practically flying down the steps, and out of the auditorium. I didn't even go back to my seat. I couldn't. I didn't want to talk to anyone about what had just happened. All I could think about was what was going to go around school on Monday. Would I be the laughing stock? Would everyone in the whole school know? Did my crush see that? I was absolutely mortified and I wanted to leave the school right then and there and never come back.

My dad quickly met me in the hallway and just gave me a hug. "It'll be alright." That's all he could say. "Let's go now!" was all I could say. He obliged and took me home. Fortunately, the only thing that came out of that whole embarrassing incident was the nickname "Cinderella". The kids weren't as cruel as I imagined they would be. I think that my tomboy status was part of that. Let's just say that I was more of a fighter than a lover back then.

Now that I'm thinking about that situation, I'm so happy this happened to me waaaay back before there was social media. Because I guarantee that my ass would've been up on Twitter and Facebook before I even left the stage.

Deep Throat of the Day: This post was inspired by Chopper Papa's embarrassing story. You should definitely check it out!


Anonymous said...

That is funny as hell. lol
You sound like my youngest 4 out of 5 days she wears gym shorts and a t shirt to school with her hair in a ponytail. When she had her 13th birthday party earlier this year she invited 6 girls and one boy. (5 girls off her softball team or basketball team and 1 cheerleader.) 5 of the girls and the boy played basketball the entire time. One girl went home early I sure you can guess which one.

alana said...

oh that's a good one! I like to ask people what their most embarrassing moment is. I'm always surprised when people can't think of one.

Randi said...

I was always doing retarded shit like that. Good story, sister.

ChopperPapa said...

Funny! I have to ask if you ever wore the dress again.

R said...

I hate it when that happens. Hmmm...I'll have to post my own embarrassing wardrobe malfunction story now.